New Halfling Mini of the Month From Victoria Miniatures!

halfling mini of the month featureDon’t miss the latest addition to the Victoria mini-of-the-month lineup with the halfling Sgt. Bambo Bullroar- check it out!

It seems like Victoria Miniatures never sleeps with the way they are always cranking out these amazing hobby products. They handcraft all of their minis and always use some of the highest-quality resin possible.

They are adding to their sci-fi mini line with the awesome new Sgt. Bambo Bullroar that you can actually score for free. The promotion is a really cool way to give their customers free miniatures when they spend over $50. So, if you want a cool character might as well get this one for free!

Let’s take a look at their latest.

New Halfling Mini of the Month From Victoria Miniatures!

Hlafling Mini of the month

Bambo Bullroar Halfling Character.
This Kit contains the following Sio-cast plastic components.
1x Bambo Body
1x Bambo Sword
1x Bambo Base
halfling mini of the monthThis is a really cool mini, but instead of buying it, might as well get it for free!

How MOTM Works

Victoria Free mini of the monthThe line is ever-expanding as well, so you can keep getting free new stuff every month.  That’s a lot of stuff to choose from! It’s hard to complain about free stuff. It is only while supplies last, however, so getting in early is the way to go.

Once again, Victoria miniatures have some great ways to score some custom bits and minis for your collection. Make sure you visit Victoria Miniatures and secure yours today!

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