Convert Your Guard With Defenders of Humanity Kickstarter

deadly print studio deathstrike imperial guardThe BattleFx Defenders of Humanity Kickstarter is live right now and is full of amazing files that are perfect for Imperial Guard, er Astra Militarum!

Deadly Print Studio has some of the most remarkable effects bits for all kinds of miniature out there! They regularly do Kickstarters and always go big when launching a project. We checked the project out when it was just a preview, but now you can actually go and pledge for the files or bits.

deadly print studio deathstrike imperial guardIf you want to make your Imperial Guard stand out, these FX bits as physical prints and STLs from Deadly Print Studio are the way to go! We’ve loved all the bits we’ve grabbed from them before, and they just fit on so easily that it makes them a no-brainer.

Covert Your Imperial Guad With BattleFx Defenders of Humanity Kickstarter!

This time around, they are bringing over 60 files with a giant Kickstarter that are perfect for use with the Imperial Guard! 

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 2

BattleFX: Defenders of Humanity is a new project containing more than 60 3D printable files meticulously designed to enhance the look and feel of the miniatures from your favorite grimdark universe. The Kickstarter campaign includes files for effects such as weapon and shield effects, scenery details, and gaming aids that will bring a completely new dimension of movement and energy to your minis.

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 3Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 4

The goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to bring something new and fresh to those cool-looking miniatures, to achieve a new level of realism and dynamism, using the power of 3D printing. After delivering four successful Kickstarter campaigns, we wanted to continue developing products and bring some uniqueness to tabletop games everywhere! It’s time to make all your artillery and tanks way more epic! For the EMPEROR!

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 5

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Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 6

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 7All the files included in this project are so awesome, and if you play IG, then you need to hop on this Kickstarter! As we said, there will be both printed and STL files. If you support the 3D printing side, you will get everything included.

If you go with the printed effects, they will have bundle deals.

Stretch Goals

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 8They have already hit all these goals, and the project basically just started! This means we might get even more files the more support the project receives!

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