Horus Heresy Alpha Legion Exodus Assassin Revealed!

Horus-Heresy-new-exodusThe first shrouded mini from the Horus Heresy preview has been revealed as the Alpha Legion Exodus Assassin- check it out!

It wasn’t that long ago GW dropped some shrouded minis for most of the core games and Horus Heresy is getting the first mini out of all the games revealed! This one wasn’t super obvious, but when you looked at it long enough, it only made sense.

Warhammer Community unveiled the new unit along with some rules of what he can do, let’s check out the mini!

Horus Heresy Alpha Legion Exodus Assassin Revealed!

HH preview 2Here’s the shrouded mini from the preview (hopefully we see more revealed quite soon), and it seems obvious when you see the mini below!

Alpha Legion Exodus Assassin

Sometimes, however, clever disguises and unseen infiltration aren’t a match for power armour, and a really big gun designed for the express purpose of annihilating Astartes is what you need. Enter Exodus, the Assassin.

The model itself is pretty sweet and the sniper rifle is basically as big as the entire model! If you have to punch through power armor and destroy your enemy, you need the firepower and range.

Alpha Legion Exodus Assassin 2

No one knows for sure if Exodus is one supremely skilled assassin or a cabal of cool-headed killers who constantly shift priority and targets. The One Who Is Many always seems always to be in the right place at the right time – and sometimes even in two places simultaneously. Whatever it takes to land the killing blow.

Just like everything in the Alpha Legion, you don’t really know how many of these are in the Legion, or if it’s just one man! Either way, there are some really cool details all over the mini, and should be fun to paint up that cloak!

Exodus Rules

Alpha Legion Exodus Assassin 3

Regardless of who or what Exodus is, they couple the battle-prowess and genetic conditioning of a Space Marine with the skill and wargear of a master assassin. Many have tried to deploy countermeasures to protect themselves from Exodus, but The Hidden Hand ensures that they deliver that fatal shot from almost anywhere on the battlefield.

It makes sense that he can be deployed basically anywhere on the battlefield, as he is a master at sneaking into position!

Alpha Legion Exodus Assassin 4

Their unique sniper rifle, known as The Instrument, comes with Sunder and Pinning on its Rapid Shot profile. Deadly Aim also grants the Exodus Brutal (2) on their Execution Shots if they remain stationary. 

If you want to just keep him in the backline, he can have a 72″ range with all kinds of special rules, pinning, Brutal, and Sunder! Or, you can move him closer up and get off three shots each turn.

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Are you excited about the new model? Do you hope we see more shrouded minis revealed soon? 

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