New Hero Forge Miniature Releases for January!

Hero-forge-latest-releasesCreate your own awesome miniatures for D&D (or any other role-playing game), and get the latest releases from Hero Forge for January.

If you don’t know what Hero Forge is, it’s a way to build your own 3D miniatures for role-playing games and buy the STL file or a 3d printed version. It’s a fun program, if nothing else, because making your own minis in a web browser is awesome.

There are options for fantasy, sci-fi, western, and everything in between. Lately, they have been coming out with new model releases every single week! So we’ll look at their latest from this month so far, but keep checking back because they aren’t stopping the new miniature releases from the looks of it!

Trombones and Tambourines: 1/10/2023

January Hero Forge

Get ready to make some noise! Whether you’re looking to expand an experienced band or use instruments as weapons and create a cacophony of sounds, these carefully crafted pieces will hit those high notes. Check out the Trombone and the Tambourine in the Gear menu.

Fashionable Footwear: 1/3/2023

January Hero Forge 2

Good shoes can take you anywhere. Get ready to explore everything from distant sandy beaches to pristine skyscraper offices and put your best foot forward with this collection of fashionable footwear! Try on the Boat Shoes, Loafers, Slip-on Shoes, and Modern Sneakers in the Clothing menu.

Townsfolk: 1/1/2023

January Hero Forge 3

The bustling town square is filled with people from all walks of life. Street vendors and shopkeepers sell their wares while the town crier delivers the latest news. From butchers to bards, many characters can be found amongst the townsfolk, each with a story to tell and perhaps a quest to give.

Medieval Flail

January Hero Forge 4

The new year swings into action on the thirty-first and final day of the Adventure Calendar! Bring your resolutions into striking range of the Medieval Flail!

That does it for this one; if you want to learn more about Hero Forge, check out everything you need to know here!

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Goobertown Hobbies also did a great review of Hero Forge and how printing them works well, so be sure to check out the video below or click here for the full article!

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