These Painted 40k Imperial Armies From LVO 2023 are Insane!

Top Imperial ArmiesThe hobby is strong at LVO 2023, as players brought the heat with these amazingly painted Imperial Warhammer 40k Armies that are insane!

The 2023 Las Vegas Open had hobbyists from all over the country stop in and show off their most beautifully painted armies. On the Imperial side of things, they clearly put in a ton of work and really made some awesome armies for the tournament!

Here is a quick preview of some of the armies that were on hand at the event. Look for more in-depth features coming soon for each of these hobby masterpieces!

There were so many more armies we took pictures of at the event that were our favorites than just these; look for them soon!

These Painted 40k Imperial Armies From LVO 2023 are Just Insane!

We move fast taking pictures when we’re guests at tournaments helping to cover the event for them. If any of these features are your army and you would like the full-size images or credit added to the article, just email us: support AT spikeybits.com

Top Imperial ArmiesYou know when a battle is afoot, the Ultramarines will always be there!

Top Imperial ArmiesThis amazing diorama was complete with a smoke machine and everything!

Top Imperial ArmiesPlenty of amazing Knight armies made the trip to LVO, but these guys were really blowing the smoke to get there!

Top Imperial ArmiesGuilliman was making quite the scene with his army.

Top Imperial ArmiesIf you’re going to make a Knight diorama, you are going to have to make it big!

Top Imperial ArmiesThis army didn’t have many models, but who needs them when you have all this fire support?

Top Imperial ArmiesWhen a Custode comes riding into battle on a steed, you know things are serious!

Top Imperial Armies

Top Imperial Armies

Top Imperial ArmiesLastly (for now), we had this amazing samurai-themed army!

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