New Victoria Miniatures Adepticon 2023 Limited Edition Miniature

Victoria Miniatures AdeptiCon featureGrab a 2023 AdeptiCon Limited Edition Inquisitor Grim Commissar from Victoria Miniatures, as it will sell out quickly- check it out!

Victoria Miniatures is always coming out with some of the coolest bits and hand-crafted minis on the market. If you’ve been looking for a way to set your army apart, especially Imperial Guard or any human army, you really need to give them a look.

This year her Adepticon Miniature is cast by Reaper Miniatures in Bones USA, so a pretty cool collaboration for sure.

The sculpt has a ton of flavor, is very detailed, and is just super fun. If you want this limited edition mini, don’t sit around and miss out! You’ll have to be sure to pick one up at AdeptiCon or online.

Victoria Miniatures Adepticon 2023 Limited Edition Model:

Victoria Miniatures AdeptiConIt’s always fun to grab a limited edition mini, and even if you don’t play something you could use this for, it’s just a fun mini to grab no matter what! 

Hi, I am pleased to preview the Adepticon 2023 Limited Edition Miniature. This grim Commissar is sculpted by Patrick Keith. As per usual, my allocation of 200 will be on sale in the Victoria Miniatures online store at the time of the show. Cheers, V.
Plus, if you spend more than $50 on an order, you can also grab a free model!

How MOTM Works

Victoria Free mini of the monthThe line is also ever-expanding, so you can keep getting free new stuff every month. That’s a lot of stuff to choose from! It’s hard to complain about free stuff. It is only while supplies last, so getting in early is the way to go.

If you love what Victoria Miniatures is up to, check out what she has been releasing lately. That does it for this one; now grab an awesome mini!

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