RUMORS: The Angron Release Could Be Delayed…

angron-delaysAccording to rumors, the new World Eaters Angron release could be delayed due to some very preventable issues

Keep in mind, even though an industry insider has told us this, it isn’t guaranteed, and there’s a decent chance GW gets the issue under control in time (and the model comes out when it’s supposed to.)

So take this with as much salt as you need.

Let’s get into the issues facing the release, the model and price, and finally, how Skynet might be slightly to blame!

RUMORS: The Angron Release Could Be Delayed…

40k Angron RulesIndustry insiders have told us that Angron is on the wrong warehouse side in the US.

To elaborate, the word is that the US warehouse is divided by sides now; one side handles new releases, and one side handles restocks.  Supposedly on the restock side, it is humans pulling and shipping orders, while the other side is an automated system of robots picking orders that are checked and shipped by humans.

Angron is rumored to be on the restock side and not the faster new release side designed for “just-in-time fulfillment,” so GW is trying to move all pallets over in time for the actual release.

According to our source, working mandatory Saturdays is in effect there for the foreseeable future as restock orders have slipped to a 2-3 week shipping time, and some stores have not seen paint restocks in months. 

While we didn’t get an exact date on how long this could delay the release, we hope they get this all taken care of, and we don’t have to worry about it. If things don’t go right, it would hopefully only be a slight delay before we see the model.

Let’s look at the release info we know, along with the price, then get into what the robots may have to do with it all…

Angron, Daemon Primarch of Khorne $160

The eponymous hero of Arks of Omen: Angron is finally here to drench your local battlefield in buckets of blood, with an awe-inspiring model and rules only slightly less effective than feeding your opponent’s models into a wood chipper. This massive miniature is packed with incredible detail, from the finely wrought weapons to the piles of skulls at his feet, and comes with two head options so you can represent Angron bellowing with rage or shortly before bellowing with rage.

GW Warehouse is Even More Clogged As Skynet Takes Over

HANGZHOU HIKROBOT INTELLIGENT gw warehouseImage From Hikrobotics

We first heard about the “robot takeover” back in 2019. According to an Industry Insider from back then, these IRL robots are part of GW’s new automation system and warehouse expansion.

Games Workshop has been growing. Now they’re making things more automated with IRL robots. It’s called something like a Hikrobot– a smart machine that can pull orders from shelves and recharge itself (like a Roomba).

We have proof that the robots are online now, and the main issues were supposedly that the people who work there couldn’t make any changes to the automation or what’s happening.

At launch, the automation made many mistakes and may have resulted in changing the US warehouse from one whole facility to two sides, one being new releases only, as we’ve heard.

Let’s hope they work this out soon. A lot of it really seems like communication issues, but we’ll see if they can get Angron out on time.

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