New Kasrkin, Kill Team & Warcry Pre-Orders Revealed

Next-Week-New-karrkinKasrkin, a bunch of new Kill Team sets and Warcry releases are hitting pre-orders this Saturday, Feb 11th, from Games Workshop.

Games Workshop has revealed all the new releases going up for pre-order this Saturday, February 11th, at 1 PM Eastern time here in the states!

Tons of New Kill Team & More Pre-Orders Revealed

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Kill Team: Soulshackle

In the latest expansion for Kill Team, the ultimate agents of Imperial law enter the Gallowdark and clash with elite Drukhari Kabalites in a series of running battles. Soulshackle introduces new terrain, rules for breaching walls, and control consoles, as well as these two new Kill Teams.

The Adeptus Arbites Exaction Squad are the last word in the Emperor’s Justice. They will stop at nothing to bring the lawbreakers of the Imperium to book – even boarding dangerous space hulks! With operatives like the Vigilant, the Subductor, the Chirugant, and the Leashmaster they’re able to subdue even the hardiest of criminals, which is just as well as they’re pitted against the Hand of the Archon. This full Drukhari Kill Team is comprised of the existing Kabalite kit and a packed new upgrade sprue bringing with it a ton of fresh options to build specialists such as the Archsybarite, the Crimson Duelist, the Elixicant, and more.

You can fight it out with new Shadow Operations and Critical Operations in the Kill Team: Soulshackle book, which also contains rules for the new terrain. Soulshackle requires the Kill Team Core Book to play – grab that, and you’re good to go.

This group of new Arbites models are all pretty sick, and even better there’s a Robot dog! What’s not to love?

Kill Team: Kasrkin

The Kasrkin are highly trained Astra Militarum members deployed on critical covert operations around the galaxy. This box is packed with options to create a team full of specialists for games of Kill Team, or a cohesive squad of elite warriors for use in Warhammer 40,000.

This new set is great for Kill Team, but also for 40k! Players have been loving them in competitive play, so this box is sure to be a big hit.

Kill Team: Farstalker Kinband 

Experienced Kroot Mercenaries who hunt the deadliest prey for a living (and delicious new genes), the Farstalker Kinband is full of specialists like Kill-brokers, Long-sights, Cold-bloods, and Kroot Hounds. They make a formidable Kill Team, and can also join T’au Empire armies in Warhammer 40,000 where they can be armed as Kroot Warriors with Kroot rifles.

Kroot are interesting, and if you were ever intrigued by the sub-factions, now is a great time to start them.

Kill Team: Imperial Navy Breachers

The Imperial Navy Breacher teams specialise in ship-to-ship boarding actions, armed with gear to give them the edge in close-quarters combat. There’s a C.A.T. Unit to scout ahead, and one of the guys even has a shield that looks like a door – that’s some real commitment to the vibe. Most troopers can be built with combat shotguns, and there are free rules to use this unit in games of Warhammer 40,000.

The Imperial Navy breaches are back, this time outside of the box, making it easier than ever to get them!

Kill Team: Hierotek Circle

Led by an obsessive Cryptek and supported by a loyal Apprentek, the Hierotek Circle is a band of Necrons who undertake inscrutable operations among the stars. This set contains several new miniatures, a Cryptek, and an upgrade sprue for the existing Deathmarks kit.

This set of Necrons has a few unique models, so fans may want to get them just for that.

Killzone: Gallowdark

Build your very own Gallowdark board with 54 pieces of terrain. This Kill Zone may be reconfigured over and over to play all sorts of Kill Team missions. If you’ve already got a previous Kill Team box, you can add this to give you a full-sized board for games of Warhammer 40,000 Boarding Actions.

This huge corridor set of terrain is pretty neat, and combining two for 40k is pretty sweet as well.

Killzone Upgrade: Shadowvaults

Add security panels, weapons lockers, a robot crawler, and a heavy bolter sentry turret to your Kill Team board, in order to play the missions available in the Kill Team: Shadowvaults book.

Not too much to say about this, just that if you like this terrain, pick it up!

Kill Team: Into the Dark

Prepare yourself before entering the labyrinthine depths of the Gallowdark with Kill Team: Into the Dark, a 120-page book that contains lore and rules for the Imperial Navy Breachers and Farstalker Kinband. It also includes nine Shadow Operations themed around early expeditions into the Gallowdark, a campaign to add extra narrative, and nine Critical Operations designed for balanced play.

If you wanted to get these rules without the rest of the box, nows is your chance!

Kill Team: Shadowvaults

Push further into the claustrophobic confines of the space hulk with Shadowvaults, a 120-page book that contains everything you need to field Kasrkin and Hierotek Circle kill teams, alongside lore, nine narrative missions, nine Critical Operations, and new rules for sentry turrets and infiltrations.

Books like this are great because they give you more ways to play without too much investment in the large box sets.

Kill Team Dice Sets

Add some themed dice to your collection for your Kill Team of choice, with sets coming for the Arbites Exaction Squad, Drukhari Hand of the Archon, Navy Breachers and Farstalker Kinband.

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Boarding Actions: Void War Bases

Get your miniatures ready for Boarding Actions with this set of 60 bases sculpted to look like the grated metal found in voidships, and 54 decorative elements to add  grilles, gantries, and bits of hardware.


These might be 40k bases, but these can really be used on anything, more or less.

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Warcry: Bloodhunt

Khornate cultists who worship a Flesh Hound fight a savage war against ascetic vampire monks in the depths of Ghur with the next expansion for Warcry.

The Askurgan Trueblades are monastic Soulblight vampires who preach restraint and self-denial. They have journeyed to the ruins of Talaxis deep in the heart of the Gnarlwood in search of an ancient master. Here they are set upon by the Claws of Karanak, frenzied cultists who act more like beasts than humans.

Bloodhunt contains new terrain in the form of fortified platforms and fortifications for Gnarloaks, along with existing rope bridges and obstacles. You’ll also get the 64-page Predator and Prey Warband Tome which contains rules for both warbands, quests, and two separate Campaign Arcs.

The new Khorne and Vampire models are super welcome, especially since both factions are pretty popular!

Hunters of Huanchi

A full army of new Seraphon are even now hatching from the spawning pools,but there’s a sneaky vanguard of Chameleon Skinks arriving next week. Nearly impossible to pin down thanks to their camouflage, the Hunters of Huanchi harass foes with dartpipes and bolas, all the while supported by their loyal Terrawings. They can be used as a Warcry warband or as a regular unit in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

This group of skinks is pretty sweet, especially knowing that the Seraphon are getting a ton of new toys in the near future!

The Jade Obelisk

Under the thrall of the mysterious Speaker in the Stone, the Jade Obelisk seek to deface idols, monuments, and totems. Afflicted by a curse that slowly turns their skin to stone – which is admittedly helpful in battle – they must sacrifice the hearts of their foes to the Idolarc that accompanies them – or risk becoming statues themselves. They can be used as a Warcry warband or as a Slaves to Darkness unit in Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Now that this is available separately pick this up if you were waiting!

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Will you be picking up any of these new pre-orders for Kill Team? 

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