Defenders of Humanity Imperial Guard Effects Are Back

deadly print studio deathstrike imperial guardIf you missed out on the Defenders of Humanity Kickstarter, you can late pledge right now and still score all these files that are great for Imperial Guard!

Deadly Print Studio has some of the most remarkable effects bits for all kinds of miniatures! They regularly do Kickstarters and always go big when they have a new line of designs.

We checked the project out when it launched, but you can late pledge right now if you want any files! 

Defenders of Humanity BattlefxIf you want to make your Imperial Guard stand out, these FX STLs from Deadly Print Studio are the way to go!

We’ve loved all the bits we’ve grabbed from them before, and they just fit on so easily that it makes them a no-brainer.

BattleFx Defenders of Humanity Late Pledge: 34,00

This time, they are bringing over 60 files with a giant Kickstarter, perfect for use with the Imperial Guard! You will receive them in 4 zip files, so there is plenty to sink your teeth into! 

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 2You get a ton of files in this, so check out the whole list below:

Leman Russ
– Battle cannon fx
– Demolisher cannon fx
– Dirt and smoke from tank tread
– Sides/front laser cannon
– Sides/front bolter muzzle
– Side/front bolter bullets shells
– Gatling turret fx
– Exhaust smoke (2 models)
– Exploding turret from the inner explosion

– Small battle cannon fx
– Repetition laser fx
– Double gatling muzzle flash
– Heavy stubber muzzle flash
– Double muzzle flash

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 6

– Tank shot fx
– Dirt/smoke from the sides of the tank

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 3

– Auto cannon muzzle
– Multi laser fx
– Plasma fx
– Flamer fx
– Missile tale smoke //////
– Smoke exhaust (2 models)

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 5

– Laser pistol fx
– Laser fx
– Heavy laser fx
– Mortar fx ( 2 models)
– Grenade launcher smoke
– Hand flamer fx
– Flamer fx
– Plasma fx (2 sizes)
– Bolter muzzle flash
– Bolter pistol muzzle flash
– Fusion rifle muzzle flash
– Krieg kill team bundle (5 fx)

– Multi melta fx
– Small flame for flamers

– Missile flame from an ignition
– Smoke tale from missile

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 4

– Reaper gun fx
– Shield fx

– Epic flyer base
– Missile tale smoke

Extra Bits
– Flag
– Body bags (4 models)
– Dead body

Defenders of Humanity Battlefx 7

Tank accessories
– Ammunition box
– Shovel
– Sandbag (2 models)
– Tools

– Artillery ammunition x9
– Artillery ammunition x2
– Artillery shell with residual smoke

Number of files: 61 .stl

Stretch goals

You also get a ton of stretch goals from the project as well!

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