Games Workshop Broke Squidmar With Its Bad Practices

GW broke Squidmar 4He was just trying to make an insane Titan diorama, but now Games Workshop has broken Squidmar a little bit with their policies and lack of accountability…

Squidmar has some pretty amazing hobby content, but with the recent issues, he’s going to take a little break, which is totally warranted! Well, not maybe a real break, but a break to paint up a bunch of goblins.

Editor’s note: I’ll be honest with you, Games Workshop has gone from having some of the best customer service for their products (especially Forge World) to some of the worst in tabletop wargaming. Whatever the reasoning the point Squidmar makes in this video is 100% valid, it seems to really need to be addressed by Games Workshop.

Games Workshop Broke Squidmar With Missing Parts

GW broke Squidmar

So, what could GW have done that caused so many issues? Well, somehow, exhibiting lousy customer service and not having a single replacement piece on hand for a $2,000 kit! That combined with his most recent Kickstarter (and having to ship everything out and fulfill the project).

As we said, they had planned on doing a fantastic Titan diorama and bought a full Warlord Titan for the project, which costs $2,000. When they received the box, it was unopened, but after going through all the bits, it was, unfortunately, missing an entire piece.

Editors Note: While not the item Squidmar was missing, the piece he is holding above came mis-molded from Games Workshop when we built our commission Warlord in 2016. After fighting with them for about four weeks via email, that we were unable to re-shape a piece of resin the size of a tank, we did receive our replacement part.

GW broke Squidmar 2So, he thought they could just contact Forge World and get the part sent out fairly quickly. However, it took five days for them to respond to the email, and then they basically just let him know they didn’t have the correct info to get a new part.

They sent the correct info, and from there, it took another couple of days to get an email back from GW. They also wanted the name of the person who packed it, but Squidmar did not want “Steve” blamed!

GW broke Squidmar 3It wouldn’t be so bad if that were everything, but this is only where it starts. Then told him they would have to make the part, which would take four weeks, which is just plain unacceptable.

When you spend $2,000 on a kit, you would assume they would be a little more into helping. However, that’s not even the most significant issue; Games Workshop made $150 million in profit last year. It seems almost insane they don’t have a single replacement piece on hand, much less a whole kit to pull from.  If this were any other manufacturer, it would just seem unacceptable.

GW broke SquidmarEither way, Squidmar is one of the biggest in the YouTube hobby space, so it isn’t a good look from GW when it will take over a whole month to finally get a single replacement piece for a $2,000 kit.

This is just an unfortunate situation all around, so be sure to go show Squidmar some love as he takes a little break and paints up goblins and more!

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