Games Workshop Slashes the Price of Warhammer+ Plus In Half!

Warhammer + plus announcementIt looks like you can actually get a month of Warhammer+ Plus for half-price right now, but there is a bit of a catch…

We’ve talked quite extensively about Warhammer+ over the past year or so, but if it has value to you, then you should get it! If it doesn’t, then no need to worry about it. However, with a recent Humble Bundle for Warhammer 40k RPGs, you also get a Warhammer+ coupon for 50% off! So, it might be worth trying for a month at half price.

Let’s first check out the details of the Bundle, then jump into the deal.

Games Workshop Slashes the Price of Warhammer+ Plus In Half!

Warhammer 40k RPGs

Click Here to Grab the Humble Bundle!

Explore the darkest, most brutal corners of the galaxy in three distinctive role-playing games set in the grim future of Warhammer 40,000! Featuring 40+ essential rulebooks and supplemental tomes filled with new possibilities for characters and campaigns, this library will fuel your own tales of conflict between the Imperium and Chaos for eons to come.

  • Root out the vile corruption that threatens humanity as an Acolyte of the Inquisition in Dark Heresy.
  • Hold the line against the coming night as a brave member of the God-Emperor’s Imperial Guard in Only War.
  • Become a Disciple of the Dark Gods and spread terror across the stars in Black Crusade.

Experience the vast universe of Warhammer 40,000K Roleplay from whole new perspectives, and help support Children’s Health Ireland with your purchase.

The full bundle deal actually nets you $743 in value for just $25. However, to get the coupon (and a few books), you only have to pay $1.

Pay Just $1

Warhammer 40k RPGs 2The first tier is pretty sweet, and for only a dollar, you get five books and two coupons! As you can see in the bottom right, there is a coupon for your first month to only cost $2.99, which is half-price. 

So there is a bit of a catch about the price; you have to support the Humble Bundle at the $1 level to get the coupon (we are assuming), meaning it really isn’t fully half-price, but you do get a ton of other stuff in the bundle as well and help support charity.

Either way, if you want to help charity, get some fantastic RPG books, and get Warhammer+ for cheaper, this might be worth jumping on. At the time of writing this, there are about 20 days left, so there is not a crazy amount of time left.

Click Here to Get the Humble Bundle!

Will you be picking this bundle up and getting Warhammer+ for cheap?

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