Games Workshop Abandons Their Social Media Pages Again

RIP-Gone-But-Not-Forgotten-games-workshop-social-mediaHistory seems to repeat itself as Games Workshop abandons there social media pages again, just like under Tom Kirby.

GW seems to keep repeating itself, as some of their socials are biting the dust, and everything is being moved into its main account(s). Coupled with the constant shrinking of Forge World and the renewed warehouse issues, it feels like Games Workshop may have too much on its plate for its staff.

Games Workshop Abandons Their Social Media Pages Again

The closures seem to be isolated to their specialist line of games currently. Now it seems like Games Workshop is putting the task of community building for these games on the players and not on them any longer.

GW Abandoning Their SocialsIf you’ve been in the Warhammer hobby for a while now, you might remember when Tom Kirby (about ten years ago) helmed the company, they did almost the exact same thing. Then in 2016, when Kevin Rountree took over, he overhauled many of the ways GW approached the community and business and opened up new social accounts once again.

However, now it seems like they have decided these socials just aren’t worth it apparently.

GW Abandoning Their Social Media PagesIt could very well just be too much for them to keep up with (and too many employees) for what they are getting out of it. This could also be a new strategy to consolidate communication for these lines into one central location.

Still, Black Library is a giant arm of the company, so seeing their socials go away is quite a strange one.

GW Abandoning Their Social Media PagesOverall these socials really haven’t been around that long this time, as they just made their return in 2016. So, who knows, maybe they will return near the end of the 2020s if the pattern holds.

GW Abandoning Their Social Media PagesIt seems like the best way to end this one has to be with a meme from Sepulchre of Heroes.

Are you sad to see all these Games Workshop socials going away? Do you think it’s just a manpower issue?

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