RUMORS: 40k Gets A Matt Ward Level Dark Angels & Tau Fist Bump

dark-angels-tau-matt-ward-fist-bump-Warhammer-40k-1Matt Ward may be back at it again with an epic Warhammer 40k fist bump team-up between the Dark Angels and the Tau!

This is obviously speculation at this point, but some big hints are pointing towards another Xenos/Space Marines temporary alliance in the near future! With a new Tau Farsight model revealed and the possibility of the Lion returning, we could be on the verge of another epic fist bump in the Warhammer 40k universe.

Again, when you look at who was on the writing team just a year ago, there is a precedence for this type of thing, where they team up to beat a common enemy!

Keep in mind though, that Matt Ward no longer works at Games Workshop, but we all know these things are written years in advance of their publication.

Dark Angels & Tau Warhammer 40k Fist Bump

Tau and DA BFFSThis comes from the Warhammer 40k Fandom page.

So, what’s all this talk about? Stay with us here… check out the Hexagrammaton. What does a random symbol have to do with any of this, you might ask? This symbol is pretty common among all the Dark Angels. However, it has now popped up on the newly previewed model as well as in what many are saying is a teaser for the return of Dark Angels Primarch Lion El’Johnson. 

What looks to be the Hexagrammaton is located below the star beam on the tree in the recent teaser video from GW, which, if it had just been for the First Legion, wouldn’t have been too big of a deal. 

Tau and DA BFFS

However, we have also seen previews for Farsight in these same Arks of Omens video teasers, and now we know Farsight is getting his own book in the series too. arks of omens farsight

Strange visions draw O’Shovah back to the ominous world of Arthas Moloch, and just as he seems to be ready to vanquish the Orks once and for all, disaster strikes. It wouldn’t be an Arks of Omen book without an Ark or two showing up, after all…

According to the story, Vashtorr has located The Rock (home base and space-faring asteroid of the Dark Angels) and will be assaulting it in book three of the Arks of Omens. But what if that battle links up with the Farsight book, as The Rock could have easily been located or moved towards, as it does have warp capabilities, the planet of Arthas Moloch where the Farsight book is taking place?

GW already set up for Farsight to go back to the dead planet where he discovered the Dawnblade and battled the Daemons of Chaos at least once before. Not only that, but they also added another mention of the Hexagrammaton as well, and it lines back up with the Tau perfectly. 

Tau and DA BFFSThat symbol on Farsight’s arm sure looks familiar… 

These hexagrammatic talismans were found hanging upon great robed statues during the T’au forces combat against Chaos Daemons on that world. 

Hmmm, what do giant-robed statues sound like to us? Well, the Dark Angels, of course! And that new symbol on Farsight’s Supernova suit looks pretty familiar. Is it the suit’s AI, a Talisman of Arthas Moloch, a Hexagrammatic ward, or all of the above?

If Farsight’s forces found these talismans near the planet where he grabbed the Dawnblade, perhaps the Dark Angels had previously dealt with a Chaos incursion there in the past. It could even be plausible that they “sealed” the area with their own Hexatrammatic wards to keep whatever forces of Chaos at bay as well.

Either way, it seems like it is all connected, especially when you look at the Lion El’Johnson primarch model from Forge World.

Tau and DA BFFSThe Lion proudly sports the Hexagrammaton WWE world championship belt.

Perhaps this could all lead to the next big character, the Lion, joining the fray in Warhammer 40k! As the wards of the Dark Angels seem to match up with the Tau, and when the Lion finally wakes up, he has one on his belt too!

It’s so crazy it may just be real. However, it’s more than just looking at symbols; you also have to look at who may have worked on this narrative in the first place…

Does it Come From Matt Ward?

163734_md-Allies, Blood Angels, Brofist, Fist Bump, Fistbump, Humor, Necrons

Could this bit of fiction opening the door for the Lion’s return have come from the same writer who gave us the Blood Angels Necrons fist bump?

That’s right, Matt Ward supposedly did this already with two disparate factions allegedly through the projects he oversaw.

In the Word of the Silent King, the Tyranids were destroying Dante and the Blood Angels, and a very odd faction came to their aide, the Necrons! Then, when the battle was over, instead of fighting it out, the Space Marines and Necrons simply fist-bumped and went their own ways.

While that book was not written directly by Ward, he wore many hats during his tenure at Games Workshop, and the concept of that fist bump has been since attributed (either correctly or otherwise to him).

So, it’s not out of the question for Ward to have written in two factions helping each other out to destroy a common threat in this bit of background lore for Warhammer 40k, as the last entry on his LinkedIn may support that very notion;

Responsible for generation and implementation of a meta-narrative for 18 months worth of published product, to serve commercial and story-telling requirements.

Even though he may not be with the company anymore, don’t be too surprised if you see the Tau and Dark Angels team up to beat up Vashtorr as the Lion returns this spring.

I know I won’t.

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