RUMORS: Games Workshop Says This Totally Isn’t Lion El’Jonson

chaos rumors new wal hor warhammer games workshopMore rumors are here from Games Workshop, with their biggest hint yet for the return of Lion El’Jonson in Warhammer 40k.

A few years ago, the internet was buzzing with the possible return ahead of the new Dark Angels codex. However, with the Soul Forge King box and a new Azrael model, the return of the Lion feels closer than ever. 

RUMORS: GW’s Biggest Hint Yet For Lion El’Jonson in 40k

Coming from the Warhammer YouTube.

They have been doing these little teaser videos for the Arks of Omen books and minis, and this one is maybe even more obvious than the Farsight trailer. Let’s check it out!

Lion El'jonson 40k

The Knight? This is an obvious one, right? Right?! Nope, we still have no clue!

They say they have no clue, but what else could this be? Unless they are coming out with a newly named character, this has the color scheme, the name, and the look to be Lion! It would also make sense with the current timeline of releases and reveals.

They even say his blade reflects the light of a poisoned sky, and we know The Rock is coming under siege. So, really at this point, you almost have to assume this confirms a new Lion El’Johnson miniature.

This is still technically a rumor, so take it with as much salt as you need, but the timeframe is working out perfectly. Perhaps the Lion will be the big announcement at Warhammer Fest if they tease 10th edition at AdeptiCon. 

Either way, if this isn’t the lion, saying there will be a lot of disappointed hobbyists may be an understatement…

But this is just one of the rumors we’ve seen for the new mini, lets’s take a look at the latest.

RUMORS: GW Drops More Hints For The Lion Returning to 40k

The images come from this Warhammer Community video.

Lion Rumors 2

Just like the previous card we saw, the colors just scream Dark Angels and the forests of old Caliban! They mention a star falling (which Lion came from the sky and fell as a small boy), then about watching battles unfold.

Perhaps this is what he’s been doing, just watching the battles, waiting for the right time to reveal himself from his slumber inside the Rock!

On top of that, he comes from the stars and just could rise up as a light for humanity, sort of like a star.

Lion Rumors 3Next up, this looks like Caliban, and as we said, the color scheme is so Dark Angels. This one didn’t say quite as much as the last video, but everything in it could easily be translated directly to Lion El’Jonson!

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Lion rumors.

RUMORS: Lion El’Jonson or Lost Space Marines Legions Returning…

The images come from this Warhammer Community video.

Lost Legions Returning to 40kWell, starting with the name of the video, The Lost Child. This could very quickly be based on either Lion or any of the two Lost Legions primarch. With the Lion having been missing for so long (not really missing, but from the eyes of non-Dark Angels), you could easily equate this to him.

However, Legions II and XI are called the lost and the purged; so, in theory, it could also be them as well. This would be a pretty wild shift in the lore of Warhammer 40k, as they have never been mentioned. Not even the Legions of Chaos talk about them!

So, this could, in theory, be a massive shift in the game. 

Lost Legions Returning to 40k 2

Next, we get this, which means purge in some form. Guess who was purged from all Imperial records? Oh, that’s right, the II and XI legions! However… this could also be talking about Lion finally waking up to purge the Fallen and get the Dark Angels clean once again! Either could make sense, honestly…

Lost Legions Returning to 40k 3Then, in the video, they mention a fatherless son alone in the endless night. This could mean a whole bunch of things, but with Lion sleeping for so long, that sounds like an endless night to us!

Big E is basically gone and has left his sons to fend for themselves. Then, Lion has blonde hair, and something about the color scheme of this card screams Dark Angels to us, with the powerful red and muted green. Again though, it’s not definitive, and this could easily be talking about the lost child of either the II or the XI, as both of them were abandoned by their father and have spent nearly endless time in the warp (which could easily be seen as an endless night).

We’ll have to see, but when you look at the card, it’s hard not to think of Lion…

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Do you think at this point we more or less have to see Lion El’Jonson return to Warhamemr 40k?

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