Save 15% on Wargame Exclusive Miniatures Right Now!

Wargame Exclusive save featureThe Wargame Exclusive sale will save you 15% on their whole line of Grimskull miniatures; check out what you can score!

The hobby maniacs at Wargame Exclusive always come out with some of the coolest minis on the market! They have a great minis catalog already and are constantly expanding their line. If you love everything from the Imperium (or Orks), they are a great place to look.

This sale is on all their Grimskull minis, which means you can save on hundreds of minis (19 pages worth). They just said the sale would end soon, so we don’t know exactly how long you have left, but it may just be better to just buy now and not miss out!

Save 15% on Wargame Exclusive Miniatures Right Now!

Wargame Exclusive saveThese are just some of the minis you can save on, as they have 19 pages of miniatures to pick from! Here’s what they have to say about the sale:

Looking for a good deal on some alternative miniatures? Look no further! We have just announced a 15% discount on all Grim Skull products!
Why the sudden sale, you ask? Well, it’s simple: we NEED MORE SPACE! Our product range has been growing, and we’ve completely run out of room to store all of our awesome items.
Wargame Exclusive save 2
But rather than move to a new office, we’ve decided to give our loyal customers a sweet deal. For a limited time only, you can snag some killer Grim Skull products at a very good price.
So don’t wait – head to our website now and stock up on all the models and bits you’ve been eyeing. The promotion will end as soon as we free some space, so you won’t want to miss out!
Wargame Exclusive save 3If you love what Wargame Exclusive is up to, click here to see what else they have been releasing  That does it for this one; now go get yourself some new minis! 

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