Top Warhammer 40k Homebrew Army List: Scorched Earth Open

40k-homebrew-army-listsNecrons scored a top spot as a new homebrew Warhammer 40k army list from the Scorched Earth Open!

Check out this excellent homebrew list that emerged in a tournament over the weekend that once again shows that sometimes it’s more about the general’s skill than what you play.

Top Warhammer 40k Homebrew Army List: Scorched Earth Open

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at the event as if we were all there ourselves. 

Scorched Earth Open top 8

Scorched Earth Open: Jacob Wagner – Necrons 7th Place

necron wal


Jacob Wagner 1

Jacob’s Necrons did fairly well and was built on the principle that more is better.

For HQs, he went Anrakyr for two great auras and a fantastic sort of mind control ability to shoot an enemy’s vehicle weapon in the shooting phase, which can seriously punish opponents who run massive ranged threats.

There are also 2 Chronomancers for generic support giving re-rollable charges.

Jacob Wagner 2

Elites bring in melee threats with 10 Skorpekh Destroyers, perfect targets for the Chronomancer re-rolling charge buff!

Fast Attacks bring a slightly faster set of melee threats in 5 Wraiths, alongside 6 Scarab Swarms, to soak wounds and be a nuisance.

Jacob Wagner 3

Fast Attacks then wrap up with 9 Tomb Blades bringing mobility and some ranged firepower to help out from the sky!

Heavy Support sees the inclusion of 9 Heavy Destroyers, which make up the bulk of dedicated anti-armor ranged shots.

Then the list finally closes out with the Silent King, providing an insane support piece and all-around great solo threat with some serious stats and abilities to bring any Necron list to the next level.

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