JOYTOY New Primarch Guilliman & Grandmaster Voldus Hit Pre-Order!

joytoy-pre-order-Guilliman-primarchDon’t miss the new JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Action Figures that hit pre-order, including Guilliman and the Grandmaster of the Grey Knights!

If you’ve been looking for something to spice up your collection, these new Warhammer 40k JOYTOY action figures might be perfect! We previewed most of these when they were first revealed, but being able to order the minis is just so much better! 

A lot of the pre-orders sell out pretty quickly, so if you want them, don’t wait around, or you’ll have to wait until they are restocked!

JOYTOY New Primarch Guilliman & Grandmaster Voldus Hit Pre-Order!

JOYTOY voldus & Guilliman preoder

These new JOYTOY pre-orders are currently available on Flyima. Use Discount Code: SPIKEYBITS at checkout to save 10%! 

They have free shipping to the States too, which is fantastic, and we’ll take a closer look at the sets below!

New Primarch Guilliman Pre-Order: $143

JOYTOY 40k GuillimanAt first glance, they packed all sorts of detail into this figure!

JOYTOY 40k Guilliman 2You’ll also get two head options with the figure, but that only makes sense, as you need to have the option to be too cool for helmets if you want it!

JOYTOY 40k Guilliman 3This picture is a hair blurry, but it’s a great size comparison, and he looks giant! If you have him on the table watching over your games, how can you possibly lose?

JOYTOY 40k Guilliman 4While he doesn’t have a ton of bits, it doesn’t matter too much, as they all look so great.

New Grandmaster Voldus: $80

joytoy voldus 1

At first glance, they packed some great detail into this figure!

joytoy voldus 2

Nothing quite matches the flair of a named character!

joytoy voldus 3

As a Terminator, Voldus will be a pretty decent size. If you have him on the table watching over your games, you’ll have his blessing while hunting daemons. (he is an excellent Psyker after all)

joytoy voldus 4

While he doesn’t have a ton of bits, it doesn’t matter too much, as they all look so great.

New Blood Angels Assault Terminators: $378

JOYTOY Blood Angels TerminatorsIt’s always awesome to get full squads, and what’s more intimidating than some assault terminators?

JOYTOY Blood Angels Terminators 2


JOYTOY Blood Angels Terminators 3From the looks of it, these don’t have an insane number of bits, but they still look great, and we expect them to be super articulate.

JOYTOY Blood Angels Terminators 4They generally only have a few extra hands, but they look cool enough that they don’t need a ton of extra bits.

JOYTOY Blood Angels Terminators 5They even give them some serious fangs, which is just awesome!

Ultramarine Primaris Chaplain Brother Varus: $66

JOYTOY Chaplain 8This is possibly the coolest Chaplain we’ve seen yet! Picking this up will really buff up your collection.

JOYTOY Chaplain 9He has some pretty cool options and seems very articulate.

JOYTOY Chaplain 10He doesn’t have a huge number of options, but plenty to make some really cool dioramas!

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Best of all, they have free shipping to the States for almost all of them!

Hellblasters JOYTOY 3

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You can get your JOYTOY Warhammer action figures from tons of other overseas sellers and vendors in America. Be sure to use the links below to browse the current lineups from each vendor below!

Don’t forget you can use Discount Code: SPIKEYBITS at checkout to save 10% on Flyima as well!  Entertainment Earth has more extended pre-orders and now various free shipping and discount offers when you use our link here to order.

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Will you pick any of these new Warhammer 40k action figures, including the JOYTOY Guilliman? Which ones are your favorite?

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