New Warhammer 40k, Old World, & AoS Stamps Spotted

warhammer-40k-stamps-commerativeRoyal Mail is rolling out new collectible postage stamps for not only Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, but also Old World as well!

This is actually a really cool way to commemorate the 40 years of Warhammer, and from everything we’ve heard, Games Workshop even wants to drop the Old World this year to make it in with the big anniversary year.

Now, seeing collectible postage stamps going out for the game means we are perhaps more likely to see Warhammer Old World soon.

Warhammer 40k, Old World, & AoS Stamps Spotted

These were spotted over on Reddit.

Warhammer Old World Stamps

First up, the battle between Orks and Space Marines is as old as time, so no big surprise to see them get a spot in one of the packs. For AoS, the Stormcast Eternals are basically the Space Marines of AoS, so they were always going to get a spot, and it also makes sense for GW to pair them with Chaos.

Now things start to get interesting. Not only are there Old World stamps, but they also look like they worked the existing White Lions and Iron Breakers miniatures into some cool art.

Games Workshop did mention Tomb Kings, and Bretonnians will probably be the first models we see, but from the looks of these stamps, High Elves and Dwarves won’t be far behind!  Maybe this is a preview of the style of box art Old World models will use even!

Warhammer Old World StampsThen there will also be a set of stamps with some of the most iconic artwork out there! Again with all three games grabbing at least one stamp. If you’ve been playing the game for some time, you’ll remember most of the artwork used, and each one is just so awesome!

When they do actually come out, you can score yours here, but right now, it looks like they are not shipping outside of the UK.

Luckily, we spotted the release date of these a while back, and they line up pretty well with not only the 40th Anniv of Fantasy but also the launch of 10th Edition 40k.

UK Postage Stamps Line Up with 10th Edition Release Date

According to this image, Warhammer will be getting “Special Stamps” in June 2023! This would line up pretty well with most of the schedules we have seen for 10th Edition.

UK postage stamp

10th Edition Release Date

It’s finally official; 10th Edition is coming in June 2023! They sort of hid this in a recent video about Tyranids getting punched by Terminators.

We speculated back when we first saw the stamps that it would line up with the 10th Edition release date, and it looks like we were right, as the game and stamps will be dropping in June. So, if you live in the UK, it looks like June is a twofer for you!

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Will you be trying to pick up these Warhammer stamps when they come out?

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