Tips & Truths About Commission Painting: Peachy Tutorial

Commission Painting FeatureThis week, Peachy is doing something different; he’s doing commission painting and gives his tips and truths of painting for money!

Peachy has recently joined the Painting Phase and started making excellent YouTube tutorials! They also have a cool Patreon, so if you want to show some extra support and get great rewards, go check that out by clicking here!

This week, he doesn’t really have a tutorial, more just about what commission painting is actually like, how to do it, and maybe most importantly, can you make money doing it?

Tips & Truths About Commission Painting: Peachy Tutorial

Commission PaintingThis video is sponsored by War Daddy, as he asked if they could paint up some miniatures for the commissions. For his first commission, he’s painting an Imperial Fists Contemptor.

The first thing is, you have to be fast! To make money while commission painting, you have to be able to paint up a bunch of models at a good quality, but always fast!

He used batch painting on these Tallarn models to speed up the process and keep things moving; if you paint one data time, you won’t be able to make money. For this, he’s making £3 a model, so for 25, he’s making £75.

This means there will be some things he’s not perfectly happy with, but when you’re commission painting, you need to work out how much you need to make an hour and then not spend more time than that.

The more time you spend, the less you make per hour.

Commission PaintingAt this point, he’s about ten and a half hours into painting, and when you’re a commission painter, you really have to power through things like the troops, as painting large swathes of the same thing can get boring. Again, you need to set a time frame and stick to it. At this point, he thinks he’ll come under his original timeframe, which means he will make some profit from this (if he stays on schedule).

Commission PaintingOne big thing for commission painters out there, you have to put your own hobby out of the way. This is a job meaning the more time you spend on every mini, the less you make per hour. You need to draw the line in your brain, time is money, and you have to not think of this as your own hobby.

You need to paint at speed and still get good quality.

Commission PaintingOverall, this opened his eyes, as it is hard to separate the hobby from work. He wouldn’t do this as a full-time job because you are always under a time crunch and need to live up to standards while trying to make money.

If you want to buy these minis, they are on eBay, and you can grab them here!

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