Tons of New Infinity Miniatures Hitting The Shelves For June!

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There are a ton of new Infinity Miniatures coming soon for June, so get ready to start your latest “spheres” painting project!

With the new Infinity edition in full swing, it’s time to add some new units to your forces! Word on the street is the game is easier to get into, so if you’ve been thinking about trying it out, now is the time!

These new releases give you a unique way to add more minis to your forces, and while they aren’t here quite yet, June is only a few weeks away! 

Patchers, Structural Response Team

June Infinity Miniatures

The jobs of these men and women is to patch up any leaks in the hull as quickly as possible, and that’s why they’re usually known simply as Patchers. When the alarm sounds, their mission is to rush out in their powered exoskeletons, locate the leak, and seal it as quickly as they can.

This box includes 2 miniatures: A Patcher with Heavy Flamethrower and a Patcher with Vulkan Shotgun. A pair of tough Operative Specialists that can get to any objective with their movement skills. A very interesting addition to your Ariadna army.


June Infinity Miniatures

The operational profile of the Stigmata does not require subtlety or precision—not by a long shot. Because in both the data sphere and in the physical world, their trademark is the raw power and savage brutality needed to do the job entrusted to them by the blood thirsty Virgin of the Knife.

This box includes an injected thermoplastic Stigmata. This TAG with Hacking Device will be the terror of your enemies.


June Infinity Miniatures

Sputniks can more easily defend an area than infantry, but for Nomad officers it is evident that these Remotes are at their most effective when their speed, firepower and shock factor are exploited in maneuvers that have them close the gap with the enemy and deliver their payload abruptly and consistently.

This box includes 4 miniatures: one Tsyklon with Spitfire, one Lunokhod with Heavy Shotgun and two CrazyKoalas. Their rapid action response and firepower make these Remotes the perfect complement to any of your Nomad forces.

Rodoks, Armed Imposition Detachment:

June Infinity Miniatures

The Rodoks are highly mobile assault troopers. With their fondness for powerful weapons and for leaping toward their foes for close-quarters carnage, Rodoks embody the Morat ideals more than anyone else.

This box includes 3 miniatures: A Rodok with Submachine Gun, a Rodok with Missile Launcher and a Rodok with Spitfire. 

JSA Expansion Pack Alpha

June Infinity Miniatures

There was a moment in which the proud Japanese, who had been humiliated and treated like second class citizens by the State Empire for far too long, rose up against their oppressors and claimed their freedom.

This box includes 5 miniatures: One Ninja with Submachine Gun, one Ninja with Tactical Bow, one Shikami with Combi Rifle, one Oniwaban with Monofilament CC Weapon and one Shinobu Kitsune with Monofilament CC Weapon. Shinobu Kitsune and the Shikami include alternative heads with hats.

You can check out last month’s release here!

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