A New Sized Jucoci Miniature Storage & Transport Case is Here!

Jucoci Medium Case featureStore, transport, and display a whole army of Warhammer models with this awesome medium Jucoci Miniatures Storage and Transport Case!

We’ve checked out the bigger version of this, but if you don’t have as large of an army and want to save some cash, this will be perfect for you! It still fits an entire army, so don’t worry about how you’ll transport your entire force. Here is a closer look at all their offerings that are perfect for games like Warhammer 40k!

Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case: Medium Transport For Games Like Warhammer 40k

Jucoci Medium Case

The magnetized feature is an excellent safety measure to ensure everything stays in place while in transit. It’s a great extra step Jucoci took to ensure your minis get to the next game safely!

Jucoci Medium Case 2Here are the specs on this new case size:

  • 【Metal Tray】This case includes 5 PCS of metal trays. These trays can be attached by magnets. It will allow you to attach your miniatures(Based magnetized) on tray. Keeps your miniatures stable on the tray.
  • 【Height Adjustable Tray】You can adjust height between each tray according the height of your miniatures. It will allow you to hold more miniatures in a case.
  • 【Installation Needed】This a plastic case and need to be install. If you have any trouble on installation, we will try our best to help you.
  • 【Miniatures Not Included】Our package does not include any miniaure. These miniatures belong to our club member. They are displayed as the size and storage reference purpose only.

Jucoci Medium Case 3It’s cool they have people who play at their studio, as they have minis and know what it takes to make a great case! With trays this big, you can also fit a ton of models on each rack, making it perfect for more infantry-focused armies.


If you’ve been looking for a way to store, transport, and display your minis, this might make the list!  If you want to check out the other case they offer, click here to see our article on that one as well. They also shared this image with us about how strong this case is! It seems pretty study from the looks of it!

Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case MiniaturesThe new medium-sized Jucoci Miniatures Storage and Transport Case is an excellent option that provides ample space and customization choices for your army. Additionally, the metal trays with magnets guarantee that your miniatures are safe and protected during transportation.

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