Roll Out – Looking for a Better Troop Transport?

Today I have the great pleasure of sharing with all of you the Keilerkopf Eisenkern APC.  This kit is the first DreamForge product to take physical form without ever having been produced in either metal or resin. This kit was roughed in just shortly before the Kickstarter. The APC lacked a lot of the details […]

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By Mark Mondragon | April 10th, 2014

Dremforge-Games Previews NEW Valkir Power Armored Troopers

When we last saw the Valkir, they were nothing more than a base concept. I knew I wanted power armor troops for the Eisenkern faction that represented the mid-point of advancement through the Eisenkern Ranks.  A soldier that was superior but still very much a part of the core army, unlike the Knightly households ‘Ritterorden’ that […]

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By Mark Mondragon | January 30th, 2014

Preview: Eisenkern Stuka Zu Fuss APC Upgrade

The Stuka Zu Fuss, nicknamed the walking stuka or bellowing cow makes an unmistakable sound when fired Primarily an anti-infantry or anti structure weapon. It can fire six extremely large high explosive or incendiary charges. Spin stabilized, the rockets are not as accurate as conventional artillery and reloading is time consuming due to the rocket’s weight. […]

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By Mark Mondragon | January 12th, 2014

Sneak Peak- DFG’s Eisenkern Assault Troopers

As China works away on stage 3 Kickstarter completion, I will try and get teaser shots out for the items that will be delivered for the Kickstarter backers and eventually into retail.First on the list if the Eisenkern Assault Troopers. This will be a five man box set and like our Stormtroopers, they are of […]

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By Mark Mondragon | January 2nd, 2014

DFG Sneak Preview: Heavy Assault Trooper

Here are some shots of the new DreamForge-Games’ Assault Trooper, warts and all. I did not spend much time cleaning up the print because it was not going to be used as a master, just to test fit components such as the shoulders, tasset and tabard; so there are some very rough spots on the […]

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By Mark Mondragon | December 11th, 2013

The Mortis Leviathan Cometh- Stage 2 Hotness Now Shipping

That’s right all you titan fans out there, Stage two “Mortis” Leviathans, Weapon arms, and “baby” Crusader Leviathans are shipping to kickstarter backers in the USA and abroad now!Get set for the release of all these new monsters, and weapon options at your favorite e-retailer or FLGS this November! And if you haven’t seen what […]

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By Mark Mondragon | October 15th, 2013

PREVIEW- Leviathan Mortis &15mm Crusader Titans

Unfortunately I did not make it to Gencon this year, real life issues of hunting for a new residence intruded on my fun. If you did make it to Gencon, Wargames factory was previewing the 15mm Leviathan Crusader and the 28mm Leviathan Mortis, both were painted for WGF by Matt Leahy. I think he did […]

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By Mark Mondragon | August 23rd, 2013

Strap In! Checkout the Eisenkern ‘Keilerkopf’ APC

Checkout the latest on the DreamForge-Games’ Plastic APC called the Keilerkopf, or as I’ve affectionately dubbed it, the “Puma”.Once again Mark has turned heads with these early computer designs, and I for one can’t wait to fit this amazing vehicle into some of my existing armies. -MBG I thought I would pass along some shots of the Eisenkern […]

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By Mark Mondragon | May 28th, 2013
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