Flames of War Tactics: King tigers

King Tigers.  The undisputed 1-on-1 masters of tank warfare in FoW.  Plus, the models are cool as ice.  However we all know that FoW requires a combined-arms, coordinated approach, and King Tigers are usually too expensive and too unwieldy to justify including in a competitive list. Although they can probably win any tank duel they come […]

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By Parker Ince | May 17th, 2013

How-To: Hinterhalt Camo with an Airbrush

Today I want to show you guys a fool-proof method for getting great looking camo results with minimal effort (provided you have an airbrush). You will also need blu-tac for this project. In late 1944 Ike had Jerry on the run, and the German tank crews were being strafed mercilessly from the air. To help combat […]

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By Parker Ince | February 18th, 2013

Terrain Density Dilemma in Flames of War

Hi everyone, today I thought I’d visit a topic that has been gaining steam amongst the FoW community for quite some time, but especially since Steve from WWPD returned from his New Zealand adventures. The question of terrain density plagues many tabletop wargaming systems, but I have noticed more impassioned debate on this subject for FoW than […]

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By Parker Ince | January 30th, 2013

Flowers of War- Basing Wargaming Minis

Proper basing  Flames of War miniatures is one of the most important steps toward getting your army to look good on the tabletop. There are many talented, award-winning painters out there whose bases are superb, but I have come to a series of techniques that gets good-looking results in a very short time.After you have […]

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By Parker Ince | January 8th, 2013

Airbrushing Tanks: Afrika Korps Panzer Style

Hi everyone. For my first post on Spikey Bits, I’d just like to give some background. First, I am not a top-level painter by any means, especially compared to the great artistry we see on this site every day.That said, I enjoy painting to the highest level I can, given the constraints of my time […]

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By Parker Ince | December 26th, 2012
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