Star Wars X-Wing – Rebel Aces A-Wing Preview

Fantasy flight has decided to show us some more of the new Rebel Aces, sadly, its just the A-Wings as this time. Will these updates help bring an underused ship into a more prominent role? lets find out!First we see the guy previewed last time, Jake Ferrell. Still not a bad ability, getting a free […]

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By Super Kaiju | July 7th, 2014

Star Wars X-Wing Wave 5 preview

Seriously, does the Hype train even have brakes? With wave 4 on the edge of release, Fantasy Flight throws out Wave 5! Weirdly enough though, its only 2 ships. Just a taste of things to come or we finally hitting that wall of what the original Star Wars can offer? Guess time will tell, till […]

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By Super Kaiju | June 17th, 2014

Star Wars X-Wing TIE Phantom Preview

And we end the wave 4 previews with the TIE Phantom. All I can say about this ship so far, least with first impressions, is “Wow…wait….what?”  What do I mean by that? Well, read on and lets discuss shall we?  Taking a quick look at the movement dial we can see that it is in […]

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By Super Kaiju | June 3rd, 2014

Star Wars X-Wing E-Wing Preview

Super Kaiju here again with another Fantasy Flight reveal!  This time its the Rebels super advanced fight the E-Wing! Lets see what this baby can do, shall we? First thing we’ll notice that in the long running tradition of Rebels the ships aren’t cheap. But these babies can take both astromechs and system upgrades. I can […]

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By Super Kaiju | May 7th, 2014

Star Wars X-Wing – Cloaking & Decloaking

Sweet, Fantasy Flight has revealed exactly how Cloaking would work in X-Wing. Yes, I realize this has been out for a bit so I’m a little late to the game but I figured I’d give it some time, for a few reasons. 1, I wanted to see if it was a hoax or not. Given […]

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By Super Kaiju | April 29th, 2014

Star Wars X-Wing – TIE Defender Preview

The TIE Defender. A ship released just before the battle of Endor, it was leagues above prior models and was more than a match for the Rebel ships, easily performing maneuvers and bring firepower they just couldn’t handle. And from what I’m told in the TIE Fighter Computer game this was an instant win god […]

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By Super Kaiju | April 22nd, 2014
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