bits hor wal boxThat’s right, the Fat Sack ‘O Bits will return soon, but supplies will be limited!  Normally these SUPER FAT SACKS are a personal hand-selected mix of bits, drawn from my extensive personal collection that I have saved up over the last number of years. It gives you the best possible random mix of bits we could ever hope to stuff into one gargantuan mylar bag.

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But now we have made them better than ever! We just bought out an entire room of bits from White Metal Games. Yes, the entire bits vault that they used for their commission painting business is now here at Cat Command. 
bits room from white metal gamesThis time around not only am I once again raiding my personal collection of bits but we’ll also be using over 10 years’ worth of bits stockpile from White Metal Games as well.

bits scoopEach bag has one full cup of bits inside, along with all the other goodies you love. Yes, literally a cup of loose bits!

Assembled by myself and the bits ninjas, they have been mixed to ensure (mostly) a great batch of kick-ass bits in each bag.  Each sack is a 5″ x 8″ inch 4mil plastic bag filled with bits sifted and sorted from not only my own personal closet of power but also the bits cache from White Metal games as well.

bigger bits badEach bag is different, and it would be very hard to find anything like it on the market today.
It’s like buying one Games Workshop kit that comes with components from a ton of other kits all in one. This is the ultimate way to upgrade your bits collection, and kick-start a new hobby project or two at the same time.

What’s In The Bag? 

In addition to all the mind-numbing BITS awesomeness, each new fat sack that will contain the following goodies:

clear cloaked predatorPainted by @tim_roberts1981

  • One out of print clear plastic cloaked Predator 32mm model on sprue.

bits hor wal box

  • 1 full cup of loose bits scooped from one of the biggest bins of bits we have ever seen!

The rest of the bag is stuffed to the brim with more bits on sprue, matching bits sets of various shapes and sizes, and even more surprises from bonus whole models to retro pewter bits from the age of metal.

Hobby Minis sprues bits

So as you can tell, the value really seems to add up, and who doesn’t LOVE BITS!!!!  You really will be hard-pressed to find a better-valued mix of bits out there in one convenient package.

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal, these bags are EXTREMELY limited, but if you have to have one now we are offering them to Patrons FIRST as an early bird special!

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We ship worldwide, to any Patreon with at least $60 in support to redeem in their next shipment (or to new Patreons at the $60 support tier).

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