Store News- Grey Knights Bits Live on Spikey Bits & e-Bay.

Yuuuuuuuuup, you heard it here, Grey Knights bits are live on both the Spikey Bits Discount Webstore, and e-Bay.

Plus I also added the following categories of bits in the past week to bolster our bits offerings to almost 500 individual items, with even more bits on the way to the store soon!

Here are the hot links to the new items!
Dark Angels
Chaos Space Marines
Space Marine Commander
Space Marine Devastator
Grey Knights Terminators
Grey Knights Dreadknight
Grey Knights Strike Squad

Please note, that prices right now on Grey Knight bits are volatile. I will be updating their prices in the week or so following their release. You can checkout our auctions on e- Bay for a better ballpark pricing on these bits. I am sorry the bits market is so volatile for new releases, and am working to lock down the best pricing possible for Spikey Bits customers.

I actually lowered a ton of prices on existing bits items as well, based of e-Bay selling rates, and product velocity. 

Thanks for reading, more from Adepticon 2011 soon!

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