Painted Showcase- Death Squads Renegade Guard Minis

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There is a neat little community out there that came up with a true skirmish version of 40k. It’s called “Death Squads” and it’s pretty cool.
You can find out more over on their site. You have to register to get to the downloads section, but once you do all the resources are then available. There is a rulebook that’s updated, and even forums to communicate with other members of the Death Squads community.

This set of rules inspired Yepimadork to make up some Death Squad models himself.

He based them off some old UNC AT-43 minis that were just lying around. Then he added some 40k weapons and packs, and finished them off with some custom bases! Me likey- definitely gives them a alternate timeline renegade-ish look that’s easy to pull off!  Into Renegades? Click here to check out our other renegade articles!

I always love it when hobbyists come up with ideas to support the community as a whole. Kudos -MBG

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