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Har, Har, Har! Check out this amazing Scratch built Ork Stompa.

I just recently found all my Games Day pictures (YEAH!) and this guy was one of the last things I snapped! 
First off, pardon the sneeze guard with scratchy glass Games Workshop uses to keep your models protected.

The best conversions in my option are always the ones you can’t figure out how they made it.

Besides a few bits here and there, I really have no idea what this thing is made out of- it could be insulation foam in there for all I know, lol.

I would like to think that there is an awesome fully detailed interior that can hold 3 Deff dreads, thirty boyz, or 9 Kans- but whole knows ignorance is bliss.
Regardless this thing looks awesome. I dont know if you can tell from the pics, but the scale is about right for a Stompa, and this thing is armed to the teef? with all the Orky weapons it could have.  
Below is the close up of it’s “Kustom” lifta droppa, Giggashoota, Deth Kannon, and Supa-Rokkits.

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