TanksGiving Contest Winners, with Side of Drama

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to sort this whole mess out. I want to give this Baneblade away, but I feel like this whole thing got a little out of hand for a variety of reasons.

Lets take a look shall we at what went wrong and how to maybe fix it for the future.

First off I think I should have come right out and asked for original new work for the contest, instead of just implied it.  I mean a prize is a prize right, so put some fresh effort into it? I seem to think that’s fair right?  So we’ll just make it a requirement for future entries.

Second was the polling.  Blogger’s poll system is far from secure, and some people got 40 votes in the span of 5 minutes, lol. And that’s just one instance I happen to see, who knows what other weirdness I missed.

Third was the comments. While I’m sure that the artists appreciate someone saying they like their work, (and don’t get me wrong these entries were all great, and very well done) making anonymous posts just to drum up support for your entry is well silly.

With the Disqus system I get an email with any comment that is made to the blog, which also happens to contain the IP, email address, and some other secret stuff I’m not even sure I’m allowed to talk about. So posting from the same IP with a different email address will get noticed believe it or not.

That happened a lot sadly enough.

So there we go, what went wrong in a nutshell. Next time the staff and I will have the final say on the winner(s), BUT we would still love your input about your favorites!

I think since this contest went so FUBAR so fast, we’re just going to call it a wash, and give everyone who did enter a nice little something for their efforts regardless. It is just toy soldiers after all.

Everyone’s a winner so there, lol.

If you did enter shoot me an email with your mailing address, and I will get you out a nice bits bag prize pack, with some choice stuff from my personal collection.

Thanks to all for the submissions, see ya back for the next big contest! -MBG

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