Guardsman Rambo- Original Army of One!

By Rob Baer | May 10th, 2012 | Categories: Army of One, Conversions, Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40k

Welcome to Army of One, where I display a great looking painted model from stuff I’ve done or amazing figures I’ve seen around.

If you click on the Army of One label you’ll be able to scroll through some great looking figures, all at once.

Today we take a look at a custom kit bash of Rambo, well on the table top he’s Sly Marbo. But we all know who Games Workshop based this figure off of, don’t we?

He belongs to  an Imperial Guard army that was on display as part of a City Fight Table made by Saw Studios.

I took a ton of pictures of their stuff at Feast of Blades in November, and hope to share all those over the new few months! You can checkout their site, HERE 

Anybody seen a good Judge Dread Conversion yet? -Enjoy MBG

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