Tiger Force! Striped Tau Adepticon 2012

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Sundays here on Spikey Bits are now Xenos Funday Sundays (get it?).  Not into Astartes, or ‘oomies, this segment is for you!

Be sure to checkout all the previous Xenos Fundays for a look back at some good hearted alien fun.

But be sure to buckle up buttercup, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. These are some aliens looking for a good fight!

Welcome to Army of One, where I display a great looking painted model from stuff I’ve done or amazing figures I’ve seen around.

If you click on the Army of One or Xenos Funday labels you’ll be able to scroll through some great looking figures, all at once.

Today we have a great looking Tau army from Adepticon 2012. I always love alternate paint scheme armies. -Enjoy MBG

If you like these Tau, check out these Mecha Fighter Jet ones from WargamesCon.

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