Hammerhead Titan? – Conversion Corner

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Checkout this super slick Tau Riptide (by unknown) -Enjoy Maximus

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  • Skringly

    Maddog <3

    • Blair Fenning

      That’s actually the body of a madcat/timberwolf.

      • Rothgar

        he was right with the Mad Dog/Vulture. the pods containing the missiles were simply moved back. The feet on both the mad cat/vulture are the same. Also the arms, are definitely the prime config of the Vulture.

        • Blair Fenning

          I’d agree with you, however what the Madcat has that the vulture does not have is the very prominent square main body. The madcat has a very square body without it’s elongated snout and on this square body as small lifts that look like rays for decoration.

          It’s a Madcat.

          • Rothgar

            you’re one of those eh?

          • Blair Fenning

            I just like to inform correctly.

          • Rothgar

            You might be right about the body being of the madcat, but his statement is true. it is a vulture… regardless of what model kit was used. 🙂 If you want to inform correctly, how about reading the actual original statement. 🙂 Just saying.

          • Blair Fenning

            The original statment was maddog.

          • Rothgar

            right. big square missile packs, and dual guns in each arm. it’s inspired by the vulture. 🙂 Regardless of the parts used.

        • Blair Fenning


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