Tzeentch Daemon Prince: Power Of The Warp

When you want to add a little power of The Warp to your forces of Chaos what could be better than a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch?

I heavily converted the standard Games Workshop Daemon Prince model in order to add something unique to my collection.

After completing the conversion work for this project as shown in my recent article here entitled, Power Of Tzeentch! Daemon Prince Conversion, I set about attempting to give this wizard from The Warp a hopefully decent paint job.

I started with the skin using Citadel Zandri Dust for a base coat over the flat black Krylon spray I used as primer. I gave the flesh a blue tinge with Drakenhof Nightshade applied in the recesses. The skin is then layered up with Karak Stone and Flayed One Flesh.

That was the easy part because then deciding what colors to use to bring out all the amazing details without getting too color crazy was certainly a challenge in this case. In the end I decided to work in the colors of my custom Chaos Space Marine renegade legion with some particularly Tzeentch themed coloring in places as well.

The wonderful bird head for this conversion comes from the GW Chariot of Tzeentch model. I wanted to emphasize the avian aspect of this creature with the feathered head and wings. I put no armor on the legs because I thought that bare they added to the organic bird-like quality of the model.

The fantastic bio-tech looking left arm came from the GW Helbrute multi-part kit.The original Citadel Realm Of Chaos models from the later 1980’s were amazing and often had mutations like this sculpted into them and I wanted to recapture that feel. It is, after all,  a huge part of what originally enthralled me with GW models.

The wizard’s staff was converted using the axe wielding arm that came with the Daemon Prince kit plus parts from the Warriors Of Chaos and Horrors Of Tzeentch kits.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the wings until a friend suggested I paint them with the star nebula pattern I created on many of the other models in my Chaos Space Marine army. What a great idea, I had to do it! When you are looking at this Warp touched creature you’re actually looking into the depths of Warp space.

Here’s a close up look at the magic staff. The vambrace glows with the power of Tzeentch.

The Chaos themed based is produced by Micro Arts studio. It was a perfect way to showcase this conversion. There were plenty of details on the base that allowed me to insert my usual lava themed basing for my Chaos models. There are also wonderful runes carved into the Chaos warped rocks. I painted the runes as if they were glowing like the one on the model’s vambrace.

With the completion of this model I’ve done Daemon Prince conversions for Tzeentch and a slithering snake-bodied one for Slaanesh. Next on the list when I can find time to tackle it, Khorne. Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Projects like this keep me excited about modeling and painting for the Warhammmer universe. They’re often more exciting and more challenging than building and painting stock models, though some sculpts are so beautiful or cool looking I don’t want to convert them, I just want to give them a good paint job. Occasionally, if a model is cool as it is, but also a great inspiration for converting I’ll do more than one.

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