40k Flashback – Great Gargant

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Way back in the 1990’s Armorcast made one the biggest 40k vehicles of the day, the Ork Great Gargant.

Jason Lawson‎ a hobbyist on our Facebook Hobbies Page found one of these bad boys in his closet recently and wanted to share his find!


As you can see based on the Leman Russ in the pic, this thing is HUGE! It’s actually not that many pieces either, as they used resin to make this beast back then and less pieces meant lower costs!

A lot of the body sections are hollow too as I remember again to keep the costs down, and make something that for it size was viable for the tabletop.


Definitely a classic you can leave it “as is” or mod it up Ork like to fit in with the latest and greatest from Da Boyz.

You can still find these for about $500 on eBay. Have you ever played against something so big? -MBG

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