DARK ELDAR Titan – Conversion Corner

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Jon from The Autoforge just finished work on a Dark Eldar Revenant Titan for a client.  Check this stuff out!

The model is set in an extreme “action pose” to appear to be leaping over the wreck of a Shadowsword it just destroyed with its paired Dark Pulsars.  This took a lot of pinning and patience, but came out great.

The Shadowsword even has special effect smoke clouds made from foliage scenery stuff. The base will be a scenic diorama, but it will be fully playable too.

The Head and Torso were both radically reworked to fit the visual themes of the Dark Kin of Commorragh.  This took a lot of filing and sculpting work but it came out as well as I hoped it would.

The shoulders were replaced with shells from the Talos Pain Engine kit, here is a picture of the Craftworld Eldar version for contrast.  The shoulder socket was reworked as well to allow for a more dynamic pose, the original model is a bit stiff.

The Pilot was reworked to fit the dark eldar theme as well.

The faceplate was magnetized for ease of use.

The Pulsars were reworked into Dark Pulsars, this was the single most complicated and time intensive step of the entire project as it turned out.

Here is a parting shot from the side.

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