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So much to do and see from this weekend, checkout the very best previews and rumors from this weekend folks!

Forgeworld Heresy Weekender

Here’s the highlights:

via RecalcitrantDaze & the BoLS Lounge Crew 2-7-2015

HHW-01 HHW-02 HHW-03 HHW-04

Praise the Omnissiah – an Ordinatus!

HHW-05 HHW-06 HHW-07

Arminius Dynat of the Alpha Legion


Stormhammer Superheavy Tank (Solar Auxillia)

HHW-09 HHW-10 HHW-11

Astartes Xiphon Interceptor


OH MYLANTA – A Legion Stormbird


Last but certainly NOT least… Roboute Guilliman:

Plastic Bloodthirster

Then hot off the rumorpresses we get these two images:

via L’Astropate & Kirsten 2-8-2015

warhammer_end_times_archaon1 (1)


Now compare those images with this info from last month:

via Captain Citadel 1-19-2015
Plastic Bloodthirster Details

“The Plastic Bloodthirster is real.

Kit makes three models a normal bloodthirster with whip and Axe of Khorne, one wielding a monstrous two-handed axe, third has a doubleheaded axe and super long chain flail. The wings are really big – the model is almost as big as Nagash, and is extra tall. It is sculpted on top of a flickering flame. There are three different heads with different types of horns and helmets. Large armoured hooves, thigh straps, regular upper body strapps and gladiator kindof armour. Super muscular, like a super ripped world’s strongest man mixed with a Khorne daemon.”

For the complete unabridged raw coverage with over 100 pics and more;

Horus Heresy Weekender 2015 Roundup

Bloodthirster Roundup

~ What will you be getting in 2015?

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