40k Deep Thought – Why GW NEEDS to Kill Slaanesh?

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sister of slaanesh cult

There’s a few of solid reasons that Slaanesh needs to go. Here’s why.

Let’s face it Slaanesh seems to be the last bastion of 80’s sex drugs and rock and roll that’s left in the grim dark currently, but why is that? Has GW been slowly getting rid of their IP that doesn’t fit with known mass market appeal and we’re just starting to become wise to it?

rod of command


Behold the Slaanesh “Rod of Command” from Realms of Chaos (1988)

Is there a reason we’ve seen ‘more traditional’ looking Slaaneshi daemons for 40k released in plastic, and basically NO Slaaneshi faction models for Warhammer Fantasy?

Can they not properly monetize the Slaaneshi IP, or is it perhaps a perception issue that may even devalue the overall Grim Dark property itself?


The Death Of Slaanesh?

Heck now it seems like there is a revolving story arc that seems to be setting up Slaanesh to take a fall in an eventual 40k End Times scenario that may even bring about the salvation of the Eldar race.

That little bit starting way back in 2013 in the Iyanden supplement, but may have been referencing material from as early as 2006.

Even the big bad Warhammer End Times saga got tons of new models, but none for Tzeentch (rumors are summer 2015), and most certainly none for Slaanesh. Heck the prince of pleasure’s faction hardly even had any ink time in first four books, while the other three factions of Chaos had leaps and bounds more.

So whats going with Slaanesh, is GW ignoring the faction OR is something else afoot?

What do YOU think, would 40k/Fantasy be better off without Slaanesh?


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