40k Deep Thought – Why GW NEEDS to Kill Slaanesh?

sister of slaanesh cult

There’s a few of solid reasons that Slaanesh needs to go. Here’s why.

Let’s face it Slaanesh seems to be the last bastion of 80’s sex drugs and rock and roll that’s left in the grim dark currently, but why is that? Has GW been slowly getting rid of their IP that doesn’t fit with known mass market appeal and we’re just starting to become wise to it?

rod of command


Behold the Slaanesh “Rod of Command” from Realms of Chaos (1988)

Is there a reason we’ve seen ‘more traditional’ looking Slaaneshi daemons for 40k released in plastic, and basically NO Slaaneshi faction models for Warhammer Fantasy?

Can they not properly monetize the Slaaneshi IP, or is it perhaps a perception issue that may even devalue the overall Grim Dark property itself?


The Death Of Slaanesh?

Heck now it seems like there is a revolving story arc that seems to be setting up Slaanesh to take a fall in an eventual 40k End Times scenario that may even bring about the salvation of the Eldar race.

That little bit starting way back in 2013 in the Iyanden supplement, but may have been referencing material from as early as 2006.

Even the big bad Warhammer End Times saga got tons of new models, but none for Tzeentch (rumors are summer 2015), and most certainly none for Slaanesh. Heck the prince of pleasure’s faction hardly even had any ink time in first four books, while the other three factions of Chaos had leaps and bounds more.

So whats going with Slaanesh, is GW ignoring the faction OR is something else afoot?

What do YOU think, would 40k/Fantasy be better off without Slaanesh?


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  • Free NJ

    One of the main problems GW has always had with monetizing Slaanesh is that a large portion of their income comes from the “Thanks, Mom” crowd, kids 12+ who are old enough (if just) to be seriously interested in the game and too young to be expected to pay for their own hobbies as yet. We’ve all seen them leaving game stores with piles of boxes taller than they are or covering tables with thousands of dollars worth of fully painted armies they’ve clearly never laid a brush to. GW has done more than a few regrettable things to avoid alienating this age group, (or more accurately their parents), and while you can’t take the violence out of a war game and end up with much worth playing or writing about they have been very careful with how they deal with sex (most of the time). Slaaneshi and certain Dark Elf products have had short runs and featured little as the article points out and their sexual aspects have been pretty much complete missing from the Black Library’s publications as well. In fact outside of Ciaphas Cain and until Fulgrim (which remains an isolated incident), only a few top BL authors like Dan Abnett and William King even went so far as to give major characters love interests of any kind (even wives for the most part) and even they did not go into any detail.

    I do not agree that Slaanesh doesn’t fit the tone of 40k however, how can you have Lust, Hate, Madness, and Destruction without Lust? Indulgence is exactly the right enemy for the oppressively Theocratic Empire.

    • Billy

      Uh…hellstriders of slaanesh for warriors of chaos? Anyway, I believe they’ve done a good job of morphing slaanesh to fit within the current fluff. They have a more Hellraiser vibe than the 80’s hair metal noise marines did. Additionally, pretty much every current Slaanesh model looks fantastic.

    • Bobsyouruncle

      Well said . In order to not offend / upset younger players and their parents GW have had to sanitise allot of their fluff/models which has made much of it quite dull. Does anyone else remember the Fimir WHFB race who were squated in the 90’s because their background was a bit ” near the knuckle ” ! The kind of creative nut cases who first developed 40K and WHFB back in the late 80’s were often mad , bad and dangerous to know when you read up on them but today people like that wouldn’t even be let through the front door let alone allowed to work as GW games developers .

      • Free NJ

        I’ve still got a couple of handfuls of Fimir from HeroQuest sets. I actually ended up painting most of them up as Bloodletters tough.

    • Job Dyer

      look. If you guys really liked the last lot of deamonettes (like I did), then the solution is very simple. either get some of the older models second hand off Ebay or similar. just cause GW doesn’t make them anymore doesn’t mean you can’t use them on the tabletop. If you can’t find any then make some of your own, that’s what green stuff and dark elves are for after all. It’s not hard, it’s just using your imagination, that’s half the fun of this hobby anyway.

  • Matthew Doherty

    I am rather disappointed by the way Games Workshop has been handling Slaanesh as of late. It used to be there was some really good fluff about the Prince of Pleasure and his minions, now hardly a word. As far as the models really it’s the Daemonettes that are most disappointing especially considering they are the most common force in Slaanesh’s army. The old crab-claw Daemonettes were horrible. Then they came out with the Daemonette models I thought were the perfect mix of seductive and repulsive like a Daemonette should be. Yeah, they had bare boobs. So what? Go figure the minions of a god of pleasure want to show off the goods and entice other beings.

    Then GW came out with the new Daemonette models. Ugh. They took out any semblance of female enticement whatsoever. Had they added some male models for a broader appeal that wouldn’t have bothered me. Slaanesh obviously isn’t interested in only dudes. If the boobs were that big of a deal give consumers a choice. Maybe make them only able to be ordered through GW and not sitting on store shelves. Hell, if the boobs are that big a deal just add some leather straps and call it a day. But Daemonettes are supposed to be enticing and these new models do not fit that at all. Sure, the excuse can be made that Daemonettes use glamour to entice, but you can’t see that on the table.

  • Christopher A. Herrera

    The emperor is malaal. He’s trapped in a physical body for some reason(maybe the other gods) and only in witnessing the birth of Slaanesh did he realize to ascend back to the immaterium and godhood he needed to have his physical form broken.

    The birth of Slaanesh threw a genuine twist in the balance of forces of chaos where Malaal, Nurgle, Khorne, and Tzeench were an even number of diametrically opposed forces.

    That’s why he set the horus heresy into motion eons before even Horus was tainted. Where chaos gods are discord, he is the balance of chaos.

    Malaal is the antithesis of the chaos gods, who thrive on veneration and worship in ritual practice. The emperor/malaal is the opposite so he thrives on secularist expansion, hence his strict “hey guys don’t worship me” kind of deal. The problem is the Horus Heresy gave him divine worship which has weakened him further.

    This could be further supported by the tau origin, a genetic experiment by the emperor is safe from the other forces of chaos being “hidden” from the warp and still being intensely secular.

    One could speculate, the tyranids are the emperors’ ultimate genetic experiment failsafe. They try towards terra, their guiding beacon because the emperor knew that if he had not ascended and something went wrong, wiping the slate clean was the only answer. Not to mention this helps to explain the presence of genestealers in the galactic plane, and I suspect the original Chapter of marines that inhabited Fenris(because the space wolves aren’t from there, they have creatures suspected to be tyranid in origin, on the planet) was a chapter that’s been cleansed from imperial record due to intense/insane genetic experimentation leading to the creation of the tyranids.

    This is why the eldar are manipulating the Orks to keep at bay the tyranids, because at least one of their seers knows that the tyranids reaching terra re-births malaal.

    The dragon on mars is not the emperor to be, but a foe he imprisoned a millenea ago knowing upon his re-birth he would have to fight it. THIS is why the horus heresy as a standalone concept doesn’t make sense. The emperor in all his power can forsee having to rebattle the dragon of mars so in medieval times he locks him away on mars- a feat completely bonkers. But if he could predict that, and not horus turning? He could predict that and not want horus to kill him?

    During that final confrontation with the emperor it wasn’t compassion or pensiveness that caused horus to pause and allow the emperor to obliterate him- it was the fact his already twisted and corrupted soul saw the emperor for what he truly was- malaal. And he realized he erred and worshipped the wrong deity. Knowing what was about to transpire, while the emperor dealt the deathblow it was likely the other chaos gods that rended horus’ soul from existence warp or otherwise because they could not have an entity as powerful as horus alive even in the warp if he knew what the emperor was.

    Slaanesh will die as per the prophecy. But Slaanesh was always meant to die. Not as a result of poor writing, but it was always the direction of chaos.

    • Free NJ

      The Dragon of Mars is the Void Dragon (or in current fluff maybe a “shard” of it) put there to be mined for it’s mechanical genius. I’ve always liked the idea that the Emperor is Asuryan. Formally king of the Eldar pantheon and a fourth survivor of the Fall by entering an unborn human child, and his crusade against religion an attempt to kill or fatally weaken the chaos gods by depriving them of worshipers. Ultimately he planned to take over the webway and eliminate even knowledge of the existence of the warp from the mind of the common man.
      It’s possible that the Old Ones, genetic tinkers that they are, created the Tyranids after fleeing the warp turmoil caused by the War in Heaven.
      Since GW lost Malal over copyright issues he won’t be making any further appearances.

  • Ross Horsey

    >There’s a few of solid reasons that Slaanesh needs to go. Here’s why.

    *Utterly fails to provide even one solid reason*

    GJ Clickbait article writer!

  • Nom

    If you meet Slaanesh on the road, you must kill It.

  • Robomummy

    “Heck now it seems like there is a revolving story arc that seems to be setting up slaanesh to take a fall in an eventual 40k End Times scenario that may even bring about the salvation of the Eldar race.”

    Lets see….. Where to start?

    Where have you been? First of all this has been the story for most of the game so far, the eldar were always building up to take down slaanesh in the form of ynnead (or something like that). This is nothing new unless you are just starting to read 40k lore.

    Second, there is no 40k end times coming. Stop reading too heavily into the fluff which has existed for over 20 years.

    Third, slaanesh isnt going anywhere. GW is downplaying it a bit because a good portion of their demographic are younger and they are trying to make it less overtly sexualized. This is why we see a change in the daemonettes and other slaanesh models. No new models came out for slaanesh but who cares? It means nothing in the long run. You want new models just wait for the new daemon codex because that is when you will get them.

  • That’s because Slaanesh has never had any nice models, period. The most interesting ones were the RoC ones back in the day. All the new plastics are terrible!

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