Fat of the Land – Eldar Exodite Armies on Parade

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What do you get when you combine Fantasy Bits with Eldar? A sweet converted Exodite army, that’s what!

Mark Kilburn sent in his latest work, this Eldar Exodite army he’s working on for the Throne of Skulls Tournament this year.

Love reading the blog, and thought you might be interested in some of my models too. I’m one of those people who can’t build stuff straight out of the box, I have to do something different with the models.
Since I’ve got so many photos I’ve included links to my photobucket account for the albums.
My eldar exodites (which have been featured a few times on Bell of Lost Souls)
these are built using high elf, lizardmen and eldar bits and I’m currently working towards 1875 for throne of skulls this year.

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Photobucket Gallery

Very cool stuff. It’s always better to live off the ‘fat of the land’ then in excess!

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