Making Dark Eldar Archon Cosplay Come to Life!

dark eldar cosplay helmet finished

You have to see what’s sure to be one of the most amazing Dark Eldar Cosplays out there. Follow along as Nathan brings this suit to life!

Hey, everybody! First time poster on Spikey Bits, but I’m really excited to show everybody what I’ve been working on!

For the past few months, I’ve been progessing on my Dark Eldar Incubus cosplay, as well as my girlfriend’s Dark Eldar Archon. Please note, I have taken some artistic liberties along the way that deviate from the 40k miniatures, but are heavily inspired by official 40k art, as well as concept art by very talented artists (One being Beckjann on, check him out!). Despite this, I really strive to capture the Dark Eldar’s balance of elegance and ferocity in my work. Pieces are in varying degrees of completion, or in the middle of test fits before final attachments, but overall it’s coming together nicely!

Without further ado, let’s get into it! Starting with my girlfriend’s Archon Cosplay…

Shoulder 1

Archon breastplate and shoulders basically completed, just used a little duct tape to determine how it would all fit together before final attachment.

shoulder 2

Side view to show the sharp edges and angles of the shoulder blades, as well as the chest piece.

chest 4 chest 5

A closer look at the chest piece by itself, and a cameo of my addiction to H20 (it gets so hot in my garage).
chest 3

Side angle on her Gorget.

finished flower 1 finished flower 2 finished flower 3

The torso piece I sculpted, to show that it’s in fact 3 dimensional rather than flat. One of my favorite things I’ve done so far!

Shoulder 5 Shoulder 6 shoulder 7
The shoulders after finishing up minute details to tie the piece together.

Thigh armor

Her thigh armor and greaves. These are probably the largest liberties I’ve taken in terms of differing from their normal attire. Sculpted our Kabal symbol on to the knee armor though!

Man, in hindsight, I’ve done a lot already! Now, on to the Incubus!

helmet finishedGesso helmetincubi helmet 4

Here we have my helmet, torso armor, and W.I.P shoulders. The white on the helmet is from a thick paint primer known as Gesso, used to smooth out a surface before applying paint. Really cool stuff!

thigh 8

Thigh armor and leg greaves. The thigh armor was heavily inspired by the concept art for a particular Incubus in the 7th edition codex.

bracer W.I.P

As were these bracers here!

2014-11-18 17.52.02 2014-11-19 00.58.31  2014-11-19 01.00.052014-11-19 01.00.53

Trophy racks, chest armor, and back armor. Varying degrees of W.I.P, but the racks are attachable/detachable via Neodymium magnets. Really handy for transportation purposes! (Warning, they’re pretty powerful, if you’re ever using magnets like these, be extremely careful!)

This covers most of the largest projects I’ve completed thus far! I have a ways to go, but I really hope you guys like this! The vast majority of this project is being made with Worbla, which is a thermoplastic that is heat activated. As time goes on, I’ll go into the particulars of how it works, my methods, and things I’ve learned along the way! If you have any questions, want to know more about my projects, or simply want to talk, feel free to add me on facebook! I’d love to hear from you guys.

Until next time, Mon-Keigh!


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