New Miniatures GW Doesn’t Want You To See

tau cigar one fire warrior

Games Workshop may have won the copyright battle, but lost the overall war for design rights to the grim dark. Come see some amazing new miniatures that are making the rounds lately.

From Obliterators to Sisters of Battle, and even those fishy aliens, Wargame Exclusive miniatures looks to have you covered when it comes to customizing your army!

Checkout just a small selection of resin goodness for sale over on their website:



ORK-BIONIC-ARM-Fist-R Wargame Exclusive Pin-Up-Commissar-1 Wargame Exclusive s1 Wargame Exclusive slaanesh marine female 21 CWarHAlt14


Wow I’m sold. I can’t wait to see what else they’ll have available in the future!

-Gamers set the demand!


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Virginia Restless, Miniature Painter & Single Father to 3 Cats. I blame LEGOS. There was something about those little colored blocks that started it all.. Twitter @catdaddymbg

  • AbbeyTemplar

    I recently painted some their models for a customer commission. Lot’s of tits and ass which some gamers loathe, some love. I was more concerned over how brittle the resin was and that the models would break off at wrists and ankles often even with careful handling while prep/painting. And the price point of these minis is similar to GW, but variety in the marketplace is nice to have around.

  • denzark

    Theft is theft.

    • Sebastian

      Yeah because making better models for outdated/not avalible counterparts is bad.

      • denzark

        This is exactly the same as going into someone’s house and stealing their things. If, underneath your oh so clever sarcasm, you think it is good, you support thieves.

        • Daniil Osudin

          it is not theft it is rather pirating or infringement of IP, theft implies the taking of the original from the owner. This is just a redesigning of an original…

          • denzark

            The definition of theft under the Theft Act 1968 is ‘A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with intention to permanently deprive the other of it’.
            Now they sure as shit intend people to buy their stuff as alternatives to GW. They cannot make their own game, their own ideas, own factions. They want to design miniatures using other people’s IP. All the profits, none of the work. Where would the profit go if not in their pockets? Yup, GW. They are stealing. They are thieves. It is deliberate, dishonest and I construe thief and steal accordingly. At least they have the sense not to use names of GW stuff unlike the CHS idiots.

          • Sean Brinson

            Pirating and infringement of IP’s are both forms of theft….

          • Matt

            Presuming that it actually is the intellectual property of GW, which is questionable. They can not legally prevent other companies from making models for 40k. That is not theft. It is taking advantage of a market created by another company. It is no more theft than selling iPad cases.

    • SonderK

      First its not theft as proven by the recent court cases. Secondly, GW has stolen most of their Idea’s from other mediums like film and literature…. tyranids began life in Space Hulk which is a straight steal of Aliens placed in the 40k universe, Orks were created by Tolkien, Eldar/Elves = Tolkien and have you ever looked at a space marine and a cyberman from doctor who side by side? and do you think the chaos gods were their creation? they simply changed the names…
      The list is endless but all GW do is slightly change the names and designs so as not to step on other peoples IP… exactly whats happening to them now.

      • denzark

        2 wrongs never make a right.

        • Daniel Hall

          In this case gw being douches to people who admire their work backfired and they now have companies that can LEGALLY make models akin to their line.

          In short; love the new figs. screw GW.

      • Sean Brinson

        GW won the court case… pretty sure that makes it theft.

        Also, half your shit is wrong. Tyranid’s were inspired by Alien, but the Tyranid race has been around since Rogue Trader. Space Hulk does draw inspiration from the original Alien, and that’s a perfectly fine thing to do as a HOMAGE to the old movie, not theft.

        The idea of Orks comes from ORCS, which were in 7th century mythology ANY offspring of an evil god called Orcus. They were violent, evil monster’s essentially. Orcs are mentioned in Beowulf dude. Every fictional rendition of Orcs since then has drawn off this single concept, they just found mainstream popularity in the media thanks to Tolkien’s novels.e

        Yes, I have looked at a Space marine and a Cyberman. They look nothing alike.

        Literally. Every. Ancient. Religion. On. Earth. Has had some form of “the seven deadly sins” or more specifically a “List of really bad actions that damn your soul, and happen to have physical manifestations in the universe that represent the action itself.” It’s an IDEA that people use to create their mythologies.e

        If you are going to get pissy at GW for selling expensive models, OUT WITH IT. If you have a problem with GW’s business methods, OUT WITH IT. If you are going to randomly spout BS that has nothing to do with it and generally just derail a topic because of some generic “I deserve the world as a customer” bullshit, DON’T TALK AT ALL. It’s that simple.

  • Amy

    I’m all for it.

  • Ridicule

    Mmm, I frikkin love oversexulized third-party figures… wow, I’m sold…

  • The14th

    Ok, I can see how most of this is legal. But isn’t the Tau racial insignia a protected trademark?

    • Matt

      You can not trademark something that is not used for company or product identification. The “Tau symbol” was basically pulled directly from a game called Marathon. GW does not own it.

      • The14th

        Because a racial insignia would NEVER be used to identify products…

        • Matt

          It is not “would be”. It is “is”. Games Workshop uses the symbol as a design element on the models. It is not a “racial insignia” and it is not used to identify the boxed sets on the shelf. It is just a pattern. GW has a trademark on things they currently use to identify the company and the products. But they can not retain trademarks that they are not using that way. Otherwise they would not have been able to use the symbol in the first place.

          • Matt

            Remember, the law doesn’t care in the slightest about symbols and logos in the fictional setting of the game. The law only deals with symbols that are used by the company in the real world for marketing.

  • Madrox303

    Just ordered 2 minis and a pack of those random skulls.. i’ll update when i get them as to the quality. About $50 with shipping..half the price of what GW would have charged.

  • Elizabeth Ann M Kraft

    Incorrect size, shape, and form.

    They’re nice as a “collector’s” model, but not for a list/force.

  • Matt

    Understand, what they can not do is directly cast GW models and resell them. That IS theft. This company appears to be making new models and accessories for a game that GW sells. That is legal.

  • Matt

    Not really, though. They are still doing the sculpting. They are still doing the casting. They are still doing the shipping and the payment processing. You imply that the profit would otherwise go to GW, but that is wrong. GW does not sell these models or really anything particularly close to them. And there is nothing remotely dishonest about any of it, since they are quite clear that they are not GW or selling GW models.

    You sort of don’t know what you are talking about… 🙁

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