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Well it’s been over two years now, but it appears that a settlement has been reached in one of the most public cases in the tabletop industry.

A few weeks ago Chapterhouse Studios made a statement on their Facebook page about their assets being seized, and that they could not afford to purchase new product that was ready to ship from their manufacturer.


Then they went dark, as their site went down for maintenance and they disappeared from Facebook altogether. Now it looks like over the weekend both sides reached an agreement privately settlement wise, but of course those records will be sealed and we may never know the details.

So this begs the obvious question; Will Chapterhouse studios operate again, and if so in what capacity?

Personally I’m wondering why if Games Workshop was “willing to deal” why they seized Chapterhouse’s assets in the first place….


Checkout the legal notices in the links below, as this may the final word on the matter for all non involved parties.

Stipulation and Order of Dismissal

Joint Withdrawal of Pending Motion

Follow the case, moment by moment below;

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