The Tau Finally Get a Titan Battlesuit

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If you love Tau and you love everything mecha, you HAVE to see this new ‘Titan Class’  Battlesuit right now!

Forge World just lifted the covers off the new Tau KX-139 Ta’unar Battle Suit and it’s reportedly as big as a titan!

Via Battle Bunnies

Tau KX-139 Ta’unar Was a great looking Tau suit on display by the awesomely talented Will Hayes today.

Is absolutely huge (Cerastus size but stockier).

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Now we did a scale mock up of it based on the waist burst cannons compared to existing models in the range, and look how they matched up. Be sure to keep in mind that this could be perhaps bigger if those burst canons are computer designed and slimmer than the existing ones.

Tau KX-139 Ta'unar

Oh my that’s a spicy Tau meatball. There’s a new Titan on the block now folks!
Checkout more pictures of the new suit below;

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Where’s your Emperor now Gue’la?

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