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golden demon

Calling all treadheads! Checkout the amazing entries from the Golden Demon Awards over the weekend in Warhammer World!

Friend of the Battle Bunnies, Dave G, was on the scene for the Golden Daemon competition last weekend at Warhammer World. He got some great pics us all to enjoy so kudos to him and Battle Bunnies for keeping it real on the Warhammer scene!
The winner was the Death Guard Fellblade. As I was viewing the entrants it was a toss up between that and the Imperial Fists Glave for me, but the free-hand on the Fellblade must have tipped it over for the judges.

Looks like there will be more Golden Demon fun this year, as another event is planned for the big open day in October.

For 2015/2016, Warhammer World are proud to announce a full calendar of Golden Demon events; three focused on a specific theme, and then the final “classic” event which will round off the year.

Think you got what it takes to take the gold? Get your Space Marine entry ready and head over to Warhammer World in a few months!

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