eBay Watch – The Rarest GW Miniature Ever?

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Think you’ve seen it all miniatures wise? Checkout this super rare Games Workshop miniature on eBay that hearkens back to the “wacky days” of GW.

Story contributed by Brass Scorpion

Have you ever seen a wizard with a submachine gun? To be honest not many of us have. Games Workshop use to do wacky releases back in the 1980’s and this was one of them.  The very first Space Marine was one of these releases as well if I remember correctly too!

One collector has what may be the only sealed copy left in the world, and it’s up for auction right now on eBay.


Painted Example

Wizard with a Submachine Gun

$_57 (3)

Out of print citadel miniature LE7 (limited edition #7) New in box Wizard with Sub-machine gun original price $1.50 a Games Workshop product.
Guess what, this is the only all metal, still in box le7 wizard with a sub machine gun in the world. I challenge you to find another one of these still in the box. Rare instances can be found on the web of these limited edition miniatures but all are out of the box painted. Feel free to message any questions Or concerns about the sale of this one of a kind piece of history.

Background on the miniature

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