Chaos Rises – New Kromlech Bits To See!


It’s hard to soar with the Heldrakes, when your surrounded by maulerfields! Checkout these new bits from Kromlech that will let your Chaos Marines SOAR!

Via Kromlech Minis

This set contains five Jump Packs in popular 28mm heroic scale.
They are designed to fit heavily armoured fallen legionaries or other chaotic assault troopers.
Check video below for 360° view.
Master model by Robert Kurek.

chaos-legionary-jump-pack1_zpsz4grieoc chaos-legionary-jump-pack_zpstdhwhbfv


Now that’s a great way to replace all those buster Raptor backpacks, and make your Chaos Space Marines really look metal!

I wonder what else Kromlech has new for sale…

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