New Horus Heresy Release – REVEALED

By Rob Baer | December 30th, 2015 | Categories: Black Library, Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors

garro artwork

New Year, NEW HERESY! Time to crank your Heresy up to an 11. Come see Garro in a new offering from Black Library, but don’t wait supplies are be limited!

Via Black Library:

Garro: Vow of Faith $50


A Horus Heresy Limited Edition – only 2,500 copies

Returning to the start of his spiritual journey, Nathaniel Garro abandons his duties to search instead for Euphrati Keeler, the Living Saint, and any answers she can give him…


Explore more of Terra than ever before as Garro’s journey comes full circle and he seeks the woman who once saved his life and put him on his path. Filled with doubts and fears about the war and his place in it, Garro needs find a new path to tread… and Keeler might just be able to help him again.

So ring in the new year with some Heresy swag, just in time for the holidays from Black Library!

Garro to the rescue… again?

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