Unboxing Wave II – Star Wars Armada Ships ARRIVE!

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Don your flight suit and come see all the massive new Wave II ships for Star Wars Armada! Are you ready to play some bigger games???

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armada home one mc80


Home One Expansion $40

Admiral Ackbar and his flagship star cruiser, Home One, arrive to Star Wars: Armada in the Home One Expansion Pack!

Featuring one large-size, pre-painted miniature MC80 star cruiser, two ship cards, three command dials, and fourteen upgrades, the Home One Expansion Pack gives the Rebel Alliance a ship that boasts battery armaments of six dice from both its left and right hull zones, making it capable of trading blow for blow with nearly any Imperial vessel and empowering a whole new set of tactics that you can employ in your battles for galactic freedom!



New Home One Upgrades

MC30 Expansion $30

One of the most powerful mid-level ships in the Galactic Civil War, the MC30c frigate presented a lethal combination of speed, high-powered armament, and advanced deflector shields.

Now this fast and nimble Rebel ship arrives to Star Wars: Armada in the MC30c Frigate Expansion Pack as a small-size vessel that can fire as many as five attack dice from its left and right hull zones. You’ll also find two command dials, ten upgrade cards, and all the tokens you need to bring this Rebel ship to battle.


New MC30 Upgrade Cards

If you love broadsides, the Home One and MC30 are the ships for you! Plus there’s a blockade runner’s worth of upgrades in these two sets as well!

SW Armada Home One & MC30 Expansion Review

Imperial Star Destroyer Expansion $50

Imperial Star Wars Armada


New ISD Upgrades

Imperial Star Raider Expansion $20

The Raider-class corvette is the Empire’s response to the need for a designated anti-fighter vessel.

The Imperial Raider Expansion Pack brings this ship’s six, accurate dual heavy laser cannons to Star Wars: Armada, where its utility against snubfighters and the disruptive effects of its ion cannon emplacements, along with the efficiency of its localized command, make it a powerful addition to any Imperial fleet. In addition to its pre-painted, small-base Raider miniature, this expansion introduces eight upgrade cards, a command dial, speed dial, and all requisite tokens.


New Raider Upgrade Cards

Overall this seems like a set that really ramps up the power level to help the little ships take threats head on like the new Home One or Imperial Class Star Destroyer receptively.

SW Armada Imperial Star Destroyer Expansion Review

If the small ships are your bag, you’ll love what these new fighters bring to the tabletop to help buff your current fighter builds!

Rogues & Villians Expansion $20


Star Wars: Armada is a game of massive, intergalactic space warfare. You assume the role of either fleet admiral, assemble your fleet, and engage your opponents in strategic battles, the outcomes of which may help shape the course of the Galactic Civil War and the fate of the galaxy. That means, among other things, that you want your fleet to remain orderly and reliable. There are chains of command that must be followed. You assign orders to the ships in your fleet, and their commanders and crew must then carry out those orders.

Starfighter squadrons, meanwhile, are invaluable tools, but as fleet admiral, you can’t be bothered to communicate with every pilot in every fighter. Instead, you leave it to your ship commanders to assign orders to those squadrons at the appropriate times; whenever you want the most from your squadrons, you need your ship to reveal a squadron command within medium range of the squadron or squadrons you want to activate. At those times, they can both move and attack. Otherwise, your squadrons need to wait for the squadron phase and are limited to either moving or attacking; on their own, they can’t do both.

That is, most squadrons can’t do both. The Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack, however, introduces squadrons with the Rogue keyword, and these squadrons can both move and attack during the squadron phase, as though they had been activated by the squadron command. Accordingly, these Rogue squadrons, like Dash Rendar in his Outrider, effectively carve out a unique space within the game – fitting into the gap between your capital ships and your standard starfighter squadron.

SW Armada Rogues & Villains Expansion rebel pilots


  • Split faction expansion, encourages players to play some of both sides, or trade with friends!
  • Great synergy mechanics with current fighter builds, both Rebel and Imperial

SW Armada Rogues & Villains Expansion imperial pilots


  • No upgrade cards in the set

Overall this seems like a set that really ramps up the power level of the game with massive new ships like Home One or the Imperial Class Star Destroyer receptively.

SW Armada Rogues & Villians Expansion Review

Take your fleet combat to the next level with Star Wars Armada’s Wave II Expansion

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