Armies on Parade – GMM’s 2015 Projects In Review

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 2015 review
2015 is a wrap and with that comes the yearly tradition of recapping all the projects I have completed through the course of the year.

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Modelling and painting are my life, but the last days of a project, photography and sending the finished images to the client, are an exhilarating cherry on top of what is always a long labor of love.  It is a shame that in today’s fast paced world that moment is always fleeting, so these yearly collections are a great excuse to go back and remember the fun that was had and for some of you possibly catch something you may have missed.
This year was especially packed with projects, each one as unique as the last.  2016’s schedule is looking equally as promising, so happy new year and see you on the other side!
Chimichanga time! The Deadpool army was one of my most thematic armies ever, and good fun. Lot’s of little references both on the army and the custom photo backdrop I could not resist building.
Now for something completely different, a display for Cool Mini or Not’s Rum and Bones board game.  Rum and bones is a game of ship boarding battles, and this three dimensional representation of the board space was made to celebrate it’s release and taken to Gencon 2015 in August.  Each boat is entirely scratch-built and nested in three gallons of clear resin.  The gaming “tray” sinks down into the box for transport between conventions.  It now resides at CMoN headquarters in Atlanta.
Next an icy Ogre Kingdoms army.  This was the last project of 2015, finished in mid December.  It is designed for 8th edition Fantasy, which the client still plays and enjoys.  Over 180 Ogre nipples were painted in the making of this army.
Next, some grey and blue Tau. This project was back in April, right after Adepticon. The second half of the army after the vehicles.  Very proud of how this army came out, and looking forward to yet another installment in early 2016.
At eight feet tall and weighing in around 200 pounds, this display was for Adepticon 2015. Adepticon displays are my only personal project for the year, where I do something a little more off the wall and sculptural.  This year I chose to tackle my own interpretation of the Golden Throne. For all images and my cheesy but fun write up on the back story for the project both visually and in process, click here.
This teal Marine army was a client’s team tournament project, hence all the cannons. This was a fun color to mix, and gave the armor a real gem-like quality.
A titan among lizards, a Dread Saurian.
Back to 40k, this Dusk Raiders force.  The very first project in 2015.  This was also an expansion to a previously done army back in 2014, a massive army with a Reaver Titan.
Some more CMoN goodies, this army is a Wrath of Kings House Goritsi demo army.  Wrath of Kings has some great fantasy sculpts, and was a pleasure to paint.  Look for them at the CMoN demo tables at your next convention!






A Chaos Mortals warband, inspired by Frazetta and other old school fantasy artists.





Here is a Hordes army and display for the charity tournament Clash for the Cure late last summer.  This was a raffle prize to collect funds for Susan G Komen. The weather was perfect that day for photography






Radiant Child was a heavily resculpted Reaver Titan.  The client wanted me to go wild with the sculpting, and after showing a few teaser images, I went to work on this.  Inspired by traditional 40k imagery mixing good and evil, as well as creatures from some video games such as Bayonetta.







More from Adepticon, here is the charity army from this year’s event as well.  Inspired by another rebel base of science fiction legend, and making more use of my scenic backyard.  Not a typical huge army, but a fun exercise and the winner was quite excited.






Space Hulk! This was the second to last project of the year.  Have done many of these and the backdrops are a good record of growth for my collection of cheesy antiques.





Last but definitely not least, here is a Salamander and White Scar mashup from the beginning of the year. This project was an expansion to an existing and traditional Salamander army. Lots of brainstorming with the client to get a good mix of color balance and placement and a tasteful mix of the two chapters.




See you in 2016!


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