New Space Wolves in FEB? How BIG will it be?

By Rob Baer | January 19th, 2016 | Categories: Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors, Uncategorized

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A ton of folks have been talking about the return of Space Wolves, but just what sort of treatment will this venerable chapter get from the design team?

From the looks of things, they may just get “Grey Knighted” meaning just a new shiny book in line with 7th but not with many rules changes.

Now we’ve seen in the past when armies get “updated to 7th” they also tend to get a few tweeks here and there, however with in the case of the regular Astartes book, and their green counterparts the Dark Angels, they got a ton more love.

So where does that leave us for the return of the Vlka Fenryka?

Well take a look at this prediction from back in December:

via DakkaDakka’s Sad Panda 11-27-2016

Tyranids in January is nonsense. Fyreslayers.

Imp. Guard in February is nonsense. Space Wolves.

Not counting possible 1-week things (think Seraphon), only multi-week releases.

It’s not impossible there will be a FSE (Farsight Enclave) book, which may or may not be reprinting the rules from Mont’ka.I wouldn’t expect many miniatures with it. Probably just be the book, or a single clam-pack at most. There will be several 1-week things 2016.

Well one of those things has already come true, so if things continue to progress accoding to Sad Panda, we may just see the Space Wolves sooner than later!

And then today’s news from BoLS

Sources have relayed to BoLS that the Space Wolves are returning this year, but there are some big caveats:

  • Look for the Space Wolves to return in the first half of the year, before summer arrives.

  • This will be a minor “reboxing release”

  • Look for some originally limited edition models to make their way into the standard SW range.

  • Look for mostly reboxings with updated bases and the like.

  • There is no current word on an updated codex.

All of that seems to line up with what we heard back in December, and now it looks like the release is starting to get dialed in even more. Question is if the Wolves are on the prowl in February, what’s coming out in between? More Age of Sigmar (Chaos?) or something…. else?

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