29 Painted Imperial Knights – Freehand Gone Crazy!

By GMM Studios | February 9th, 2016 | Categories: Army of One, GMM, Imperial Knights, Painted Figure Showcase
gmm imperial knight

Four different schemes, five different clients, one massive update to kick off 2016.  Come see 29 Imperial Knights all painted at once!

One of the biggest projects I have ever done and it feels good to get them posted! It would be a shame to post all 200 images and all groups at once and drown any one out, so here is an overview of the project and a few teaser images of the individual groups.

Over the course of the next few weeks each group will be posted individually, which consist of:

Terryn 1 (5) – Traditional Terryn heraldry with a gifted Archon from the Mechanicum.
Terryn 2 (3) – Terryn with a twist in the heraldry.
Rebel Admech (14) – A dark version of traditional Admech
House Aeschylid – Unique purple and white house to accompany a future Sons of Medusa army.
House Yakuza – Koi, Samurai, and Sakura Knight.  A fun and off the wall exercise in blending Imperial and Japanese inspiration.

Plenty for everyone, from the traditional Terryn to the wild Yakuza knights. All blended by hand over solid basecoat, giving a realistic, deep and smooth finish.  Bases built out of clay for the most part.  All resin pinned with 2mm brass rod, and long torso rods for transport.  Quite a few conversions and lots of posing work as well.

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Thanks to all clients involved for being a part, and coming along for the ride.  Sad it’s over, but there’s always more to paint.  Back to work!

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